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Author Polus Fansare
English Blog Writer
Blockchain Expert
Coin Gabbar
Partying | Programming | Video Games | Music
Polus Fansare is the Technical Project Manager at CoinGabbar. His career experiences as a Developer include contributions to Shopcaart, Firstkart Network, Creative Creation, and Invoked Function. Polus has gained experience in programming, methodologies, terminologies, algorithms, API, PHP, Laravel, and server management. Polus is the brain behind blockchain and smart contracts operations of CoinGabbar and deals with all the server-side complications for the team. Polus is an exceptional team member and a go-to person for all of us. His rich experience in the backend handling makes him a critical resource for the organization. Polus is a keen learner and loves to research cryptocurrencies, execute programs, and surf the internet, gaining more knowledge in his free hours.
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Blogs by Polus Fansare

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