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( Base Index : 10000 )( Date : 26-01-2022 )


The Index is aimed at providing an overview of the price fluctuations in the Crypto Market. The Index represents a balanced approach to the indication of the fluctuations. The Index attempts to represent the Crypto Market in a balanced manner by taking a suitable sample from across the Crypto Universe

The criteria for the selection of the given dates is that the Index should be a fair representation of the market fluctuations and should simultaneously reflect a reasonable growth perspective. Any historical data beyond a certain period of time shall always provide an abnormal growth. While the data of a recent past may not enable a comparison and trend.

Hence, the dates here are taken to make a reasonable representation of the market progress over the period of time.

The calculation of the Index will be done on the basis of the total value of the Crypto Assets held in the list as compared to the total value of the same as on the base date.

The formula for the same would be:

Index =          Value of the Crypto Assets (held in the Index portfolio) as on Date         x 10000

                             Value of the Crypto Assets (held in the Index portfolio) as on the base date