23 Sep 2022

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS CMP-$7.05 CHAINLINK is hampered by a channel line


ChainLink indicates market's volatility following an initial movement. 

This suggests the price is becoming more sensitive to movement towards either extreme indicating declining.

ChainLink price analysis suggests that the market has gone completely bearish, gaining unfavourable impact momentum, indicating a drop for the LINK market. ChainLink's pricing has remained negative in recent hours. Today, the price dropped from $7.28 to $7.00. However, the market recovered quickly and returned most of its value. Furthermore, ChainLink has risen to $7.03.

However, the market started with a negative movement, only to reverse to a falling movement, and the market started to reduce its volatility, and the price started to fall.

ChainLink price analysis reveals the market's volatility after a decreasing movement, indicating that ChainLink's price is becoming less prone to experiencing variable change on either extreme. 

The LINK/USD price appears to be falling below the 50-day Moving Average, indicating a bearish trend. Bears look to be in charge of the market. The price of LINK/USD appears to be falling, indicating a weakening market. The market appeared to have broken yesterday, starting a reversal movement; bulls may yet have hope.

The upper limit of the Bollinger band is $8.19, which serves as the strongest resistance for LINK. In contrast, the bottom limit of Bollinger's range is $6.56, which is the most significant support for LINK.

The price of LINK/USD appears to be falling below the Moving Average, indicating a bearish trend.. Furthermore, the market's trend seems to have moved to the downside in recent days. As a result, the market has selected to adopt a bearish approach. 

The 50 SMA is now at $7.52, which is considerably below the 200 SMA line, which is currently at $9.33.

The hourly RSI has risen to 47.12, indicating that it is nearing the overbought zone. Because the signal line is below the histogram, the MACD indicator is now in the negative zone.

According to Price Analysis, The market capitalization of this LINK is estimated to be $3,502,806,109. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is around $374,472,216. LINK market capitalization has risen by 3.42%. However, trade volume decreased by 35.59% during intraday trading. The market capitalization to volume ratio is 0.1069.

On the upside, resistance is situated at $7.40. The next significant resistance is near $7.80. A clear break over the $7.80 resistance level might signal the start of a fresh upswing. In this situation, the price might break beyond the $8.20 barrier. Any additional rises might drive the price up to the $9.50 barrier.

If LINK fails to break through the $7.40 barrier, it may fall further. On the downside, the initial support level is $7.00. The next significant support level is $6.60. A break below the $6.60 support level might lead to another sharp drop. In the   aforementioned scenario, the price may fall to around $5.40.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $7.50-$8.20

SUPPORT LEVEL : $6.50-$6.00

As CHAINLINK faces resistance from the channel line, the bears are weighing heavily on the bulls. Have you looked at the graph?