23 Sep 2022

UNISWAP PRICE ANALYSIS CMP-$5.83: UNISWAP prices increase as bulls cheer


UNI was trading at $5.80, with $5 providing support for this coin.

 As the currency rises, Uniswap will face initial resistance around $7, and a major barrier around $9.25.

The Uniswap pricing analysis indicates that prices will rise today. Price levels have risen to hit the $6.00 level, which is a relatively positive sign for buyers since the price has increased. Furthermore, there have been ongoing price trend variations that have continued for a long, and the bulls have finally regained the lead.

The daily Uniswap price analysis confirms the market's strong bullish trend today, with the price covering an upward movement in the previous 24 hours and gaining 3.02 percent. Buyers have been controlling price movements over the previous week, as the UNI/USD value has increased significantly. Because of increased buyer pressure, the bullish price curve hit a high of $6.20 during the day. The Moving Average (MA) is $5.70, which is much lower than the current price.

The four-hour Uniswap price analysis is pushing buyers as the price has been rising over the last several hours. Overall, the bulls dominated the day, completely dominating the bears. As the bulls have been determining the price trend for the past 4 hours, the coin value has rallied to its previous high of $6.20. However, the moving average is $5.70, and the price is now trading above it.

Most UNI token technical indicators are neutral; candlesticks are forming in the lower range of the Bollinger Bands, but volatility is growing and suggests short-term bullishness on the daily chart.

UNI has been consolidating with a price range between $11 and $4 on the long-term chart. The price has taken support at $4, then made another higher low near $5, which can be seen as positive, although long-term technical indicators are not positive at this moment.

On the four-hour chart The Bollinger bands appear to be expanding as volatility rises, which should be taken as a positive sign towards future trends. The top Bollinger band is $6.00, which is lower than the current price level, and the lower Bollinger band is $5.20. The RSI has reached the overbought zone, with a value of 61 points.

According to Price Analysis, The market capitalization of this UNI is estimated to be $4,435,069,356. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is around  $111,016,793. UNI market capitalization has fallen by 0.11%. However, trade volume decreased by 10.97% during intraday trading. The market capitalization to volume ratio is .0.02503.

On the upside, the price is facing resistance at $6.20. The major resistance is found near $7.00. A break over $7.00 might jump a strong rise towards $8.00. Any more advances might open the door for a move towards the $10.00 level.

If UNI fails to break through the $6.20 resistance level it may begin a new fall. On the downside, The next major support level is at $5.00. A breach below the $5.00 support level may increase selling pressure. UNI's price might fall to around $4.00 in the near future under the aforementioned scenario.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $6.20-$7.00

SUPPORT LEVEL : $5.20-$4.50

UNISWAP has a major support level of $5.20 and is looking to the upside? Have you invested heavily into it?