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Ape Board, a DeFi tracker, has been purchased by ETH analytics startup Nansen

18 May 2022 By : COIN GABBAR
Ape Board, a DeFi tr

Ape Board, a DeFi tracker, has been purchased by ETH analytics startup Nansen

With the new purchase, blockchain analytics startup Nansen will develop a new portfolio monitor that will be linked with the rest of its capabilities. Nansen, a major Ethereum blockchain analysis engine, has added a cross-chain decentralized finance tracker to its operations. Nansen has paid an eight-figure sum for the multi-chain portfolio analyzer Ape-Board, the company confirmed to sources on Tuesday.

The transaction, which is expected to close later this month, will bring together the personnel behind the two platforms, with the goal of combining Nansen's statistics and Ape Board's portfolio tracking to create an all-in-one data package.

As part of the deal, 13 Ape Board personnel will join Nansen's staff of 120 researchers, product managers, and engineers to create the "ultimate Web3 information super-app."

"A new Nansen Portfolio tracker uses Ape Board as a launchpad for its launch." It will be available for free and will complement the rest of Nansen's strengths, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

Nansen was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to delivering statistics and analysis regarding the Ethereum blockchain. Nansen received $12 million in a Series A fundraising round in 2021 to develop a blockchain analytics platform for the DeFi industry.

To pursue its DeFi goal, Ape-Board was the ideal platform for Nansen. Ape Board is a platform that will bring all DeFi investments together in one place in 2021. Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Terra, Solana, Binance Exchange, and Polygon are among the 36 blockchains and 390 protocols supported by the platform.

Nansen hopes to become the go-to data super-app for Web3 with the latest purchase, according to a representative for the company. Nansen has a sizable cash reserve, and we intend to keep expanding aggressively to create an unequalled, all-in-one market information platform."