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Apple Refuses to Approve Uniswap's Mobile Wallet Launch

Key Takeaways

  • Uniswap, a popular decentralized exchange, had planned to launch a mobile wallet app for its platform
  • Apple has refused to approve the app's release on the App Store due to its inclusion of an access feature that is not compliant with their guidelines
  • Uniswap is working on a solution to satisfy Apple's guidelines and hopes to launch the mobile wallet in the near future
04 Mar 2023 By : COIN GABBAR
Apple Refuses to App

Despite receiving approval for its first build in October, Uniswap Labs is encountering difficulties with Apple's App Store concerning its mobile wallet

Uniswap Labs has unveiled its latest innovation: a self-custodial mobile wallet that enables users to seamlessly swap tokens across layer-1 and layer-2 networks without having to switch blockchains. The wallet allows users to check price charts and search for any token across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

To ensure maximum security, Uniswap Labs collaborated with Trail of Bits for the audit of the wallet. Furthermore, the seed phrases and private keys of both imported and newly created wallets are encrypted and stored on devices using Apple’s Secure Enclave, which is excluded from device backups. For added security, users can also manually store their seed phrases with a paper copy or encrypt and store it on iCloud.


Despite receiving approval for its first build in October, Uniswap Labs has encountered a roadblock with Apple's App Store concerning its mobile wallet. While other self-custody swapping wallets have been approved, Apple rejected the final build of Uniswap's mobile wallet just days before its planned December 2022 launch. 

Uniswap Labs has responded to Apple's concerns, answered all its questions, and confirmed its compliance with the guidelines. However, Apple has yet to give the green light for the launch, leaving Uniswap Labs in a state of uncertainty. As a result, the company is offering early access to a few thousand Testflight users while they wait for Apple's approval.

Uniswap lamented in its announcement:

“Despite our best efforts, Apple has not yet approved our debut, which has left us in a state of limbo.”

On February 6th, According to reports, members of the Uniswap community voted in favour of deploying Uniswap v3 on Boba Network's layer-2 protocol on Ethereum, making Boba Network the sixth chain to host the protocol. This move was supported by several entities, including GFX Labs, Blockchain at Michigan, Gauntlet, and ConsenSys. 

This is a major step forward for the Uniswap community, as it will allow them to take advantage of the scalability and cost-efficiency of Boba Network's layer-2 protocol.

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