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Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Suspected of Willfully Failing to Act Against Onecoin Conmen

03 Jun 2022 By : COIN GABBAR
Bulgarian Chief Pros

Jonathan Levy, a lawyer for victims of the Onecoin bitcoin fraud, has accused the Bulgarian prosecutor of delaying taking action against Onecoin on purpose.

 More victims are losing millions of dollars to scammers as a result of the prosecutor's procrastination, according to the lawyer.

Jonathan Levy, a lawyer who represents victims of the Onecoin bitcoin Ponzi scheme, claims that the criminal operation's masterminds may be protected by Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev. The lawyer stated that Geshev's inaction enabled Onecoin to scam fresh victims of millions of dollars in an open letter to Yuliya Kovacheva, Bulgaria's deputy minister of justice.
Despite the availability of detention orders issued by Interpol, Europol, and German law enforcement, the prosecutor has allegedly refused to move against Ruja Ignatova's mother, according to Levy.
Ignatova was placed on Europol's most wanted list after the law enforcement organization suspected her of being the driving force and intellectual originator of Onecoin. Since then, the agency has offered a reward of more than $5,300 to anyone who can lead to Ignatova's arrest.
The Bulgarian government has been urged to investigate the Chief Prosecutor
Meanwhile, Levy criticizes Geshev for neglecting to act not only against Veska Ignatova (Ruja's mother), but also against "other Onecoin mafia in Bulgaria that execute the Onecoin criminal enterprise on account of the fugitive Ruja Ignatova" in a letter.
Onecoin's masterminds would be compelled to suspend activities if Geshev took action, according to the letter. He continued, "This willful disobedience by the Prosecutor's Office allows OneCoin's Sofia office to sustain operations across Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, and to continue receiving millions of Euros in cryptocurrency payments on a monthly basis from new victims."