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Coinbase will list this new gaming token.

  • According to Coinbase news, the exchange will launch an NFT-based gaming coin.

  • Despite the company's warning that coins on the roadmap list may still be deleted or not included, some altcoins are added to Coinbase's supported crypto assets.

07 Feb 2023 By: Shikha Jha
Coinbase will list t

The exchange has reportedly added a new gaming token based on NFT 

To its listing roadmap, according to the most recent Coinbase news.

In a recent press release, Coinbase announced the inclusion of a new token in its listing strategy for cryptocurrency exchanges. This specific Coinbase announcement is a direct result of the exchange's main goal, which is to act as a bridge to the Web3 world. Although the listing's precise date has not yet been made public, it is believed that it will in the coming weeks.

The Most Recent Adding To Coinbase

The NFT-based crypto game "Voxies" is now being added to the cryptocurrency exchange with its headquarters in California in order to broaden its selection of tradeable assets. A polygon-based utility token called VOXELS, the project's native cryptocurrency, enables users to buy armour, guns, and other in-game stuff.

Users of Voxies, the blockchain-based role-playing game project, can play Voxie Tactics and utilise the VOXEL token to do so, improving their chances of winning prizes. The digital asset, which has 103 million tokens in circulation, has experienced a substantial price increase as a result of the coinbase announcement. VOXEL is currently selling for $0.385, a rise of 23.73% over the previous 24 hours compared to a rise of 17.38% over the previous 7 days.

The controlled exchange previously stated that it would add Liquid Staked ETH, or LSETH for short, a cryptocurrency with a market valuation of $5.6 billion. Audius (AUDIO), Threshold (T), and Axelar (AXL), three ERC-20-based coins, were previously added to its portfolio after being included to their listing roadmap.

Details of a Coinbase listing

An exchange like Coinbase adds the crypto tokens it intends to support on its platform soon after to its roadmap. However, until a formal listing is made, transactions and exchanges of these assets are not supported. Some altcoins do finally wind up being added to Coinbase's list of supported crypto assets, despite the fact that the company warns that coins on the roadmap list may still be deleted or may not be included at all for a variety of reasons.

In order to decrease insider trading and increase openness surrounding Coinbase's listing process, the roadmap was created. Additionally, Coinbase recently declared that it would proceed with the Axelar (AXL) token's formal listing; trading would start on February 7 as per the official release. AXL will first be used in trade pairs with USD, with other integrations on the horizon.

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