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CoinList Reported Inability To Withdraw Coins

  • Popular cryptocurrency crowdsourcing website Coinlist can't withdraw coins. Coinlist community members complain they can't withdraw their coins.

  • Coinlist says the custody partner has been performing maintenance for over a week.

25 Nov 2022 By : COIN GABBAR
CoinList Reported In

The custody partner is conducting maintenance, according to Coinlist, but it has been ongoing for more than a week.

Coinlist, the most popular cryptocurrency crowdsourcing website, is unable to withdraw its coins. Some members of the Conlist community recently claimed that the cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, Coinlist, is unable to withdraw its coins, according to the WuBlockchain tweet.

The cause of Coinlist's withdrawal issues

The platform states that the custody partner is undergoing maintenance as the official explanation, although the issue has been present for more than a week. Notably, the 3AC crash costs the leading crowdfunding site $35 million in losses. The site revealed its position to its followers last week in a twitter thread on November 15, saying that the previous week had been a nightmare for cryptocurrencies.

Users' funds are guaranteed to be completely protected by Coinlist

The top cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform also gave its members the reassurance that their investments were completely protected. The crowdfunding portal also confirmed that CoinList has no material exposure to FTX, Alameda, or any of its affiliates. The site never spends a user's money without that user's full consent, according to the tweet.

Notably, Silvergate Bank, Anchorage, Bitgo, and Gemini Custody are Coinlist Custody Partners. 2018 saw DCG take part in Coinlist's A round of funding. Whether Genesis, which is currently bankrupt, worked with Coinlist is unknown.

According to a tweet from @meta mate8 on Twitter Users are now unable to withdraw money from Coinlist since it is undergoing maintenance. In his tweet, he also wonders whether there is a transmission issue. Additionally, he thinks that it won't be a big problem. Many well-known coins, including ICP, FIL, Algo, and flow, at first looked to be brand-new on the coinlist, he claimed. I took part in a few sessions at the time, but I won't do it again because winning was challenging.