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BlockDAG Becomes an Overnight Sensation By Locking Over $2M in Presale, Attracts Cardano & Mollar Crypto Whales

28-Feb-2024 By: Simran Mishra
BlockDAG Becomes an

BlockDAG Surpasses $2M Presale, Attracts Cardano and Mollar Whales

As the crypto market makes a revival, with Bitcoin as the frontrunner, many altcoins begin to revisit their previous highs. Notably, Cardano is exhibiting a long-term bullish cycle, and analysts project that it might reach $1 in the near future. Optimism reigns for presale projects too, with BlockDAG (BDAG) and Mollars (MOLLARS) emerging as top contenders, having garnered considerable early investor interest.

BlockDAG Surge

Cardano’s Bullish Outlook Dimmed 

Cardano (ADA) is currently on an uptick, and some analysts are issuing highly optimistic forecasts, predicting it could reach $1 in the market-wide bull run.

Others, however, are less optimistic, drawing attention to a substantial decline in Cardano’s active addresses. Furthermore, 74% of projects built on Cardano ceased to exist, according to a recent report from AlphaQuest Research.

As Cardano (ADA) navigates through these contrasting forecasts, its potential to reach $1 in the forthcoming bull run remains uncertain.

Mollars - Embracing Decentralisation

Mollars (MOLLARS), an emerging project built on Ethereum, has recently caught investors’ eye for its limited supply model. In contrast to Bitcoin's maximum supply of 21 million tokens, Mollars will only mint 10 million tokens.

BlockDAG on Boom

The project aims to achieve zero ownership post-ICO, aligning with the central blockchain ethos of decentralization. This dedication to decentralization underscores its mission to create a community-driven blockchain thereby transcending the limitations of centralized control.

BlockDAG - The Next 100X Crypto 

A new PoW (Proof-of-Work) project has recently caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts' for its ROI potential and its vision to make crypto mining more accessible and sustainable. 

Early supporters, who bought BDAG at its initial presale price of $0.001, had already yielded a solid ROI of 50% when the BDAG price surged to $0.0015 in the second batch. With the listing price set at $0.05, first-batch investors are looking at a staggering 5000% ROI when the project launches. But it’s not too late, as the second batch price of $0.0015 still offers an attractive entry point with a potential post-launch ROI of approximately 3233%. 

In addition to a compelling ROI potential, BlockDAG presents a compelling opportunity to generate passive income by mining BDAG coins using BlockDAG’s suite of eco and user-friendly mining solutions, including its X-series mining devices, a cloud mining option, and a mining app. 

In Summary

Amidst market-wide revival, many altcoin prices are surging and underperforming assets like Cardano (ADA) are seeing a resurgence of optimism. At the same time, emerging projects like BlockDAG (BDAG) and Mollars (MOLLARS) inject fresh hope into investors who have endured almost a year of bearish trends. 

The BlockDAG project is especially noteworthy for its innovative mining solutions and staggering 3233% ROI potential. Seize this opportunity and buy BDAG now before the price rises further when the project moves forward to the third presale batch. 





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