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Ethereum Dev Declares the Final Date for Shapella Upgrade | CoinGabbar News

Key Takeaways

  • Over 1 million accrued ETH rewards on the Beacon Chain will become liquid in 5-7 days after the Shapella Upgrade
  • Ethereum staking participation is also expected to rise above 40%
17 Mar 2023 By : COIN GABBAR
Ethereum Dev Declare

Ethereum's Shapella hard fork, which combines the consensus layer (Capella) with the execution layer (Shanghai), is set to deploy on the mainnet on April 12. 

This will enable validators to withdraw their locked-up ether from the network. In the existing proof of stake model, decentralized validators must post 32 ether (about $52,500) to participate in block production on the Ethereum network. Activating withdrawals will allow offline validators to reclaim their principal stake and earned fees. 

Additionally, the activation will reduce the gas cost applied to earning fees, which is a much-anticipated economic unlock for validators. Despite some operators forgetting to upgrade their nodes, the Goerli testnet went smoothly. According to a researcher at Arbitrum, there aren't many roadblocks ahead of the Shapella hard fork on Ethereum's mainnet. 

Tooling is receiving last-minute bug fixes, and user interfaces are being fine-tuned to ensure optimal user experience. Documentation is also being reviewed to ensure it is as solid as possible, as it is the gateway to stakes withdrawals. The activation of withdrawals is expected to be a significant economic milestone for the Ethereum network, and many are eagerly awaiting its deployment.

Possible Impacts of Ethereum Shapella Upgrade

Here are some of the possible impacts of the ETH Shapella Upgrade that can be observed after 12th April

  • The Shapella upgrade will enable users to withdraw partially or fully staked ETH from the Beacon Chain

  • Over 1 million accrued ETH rewards on the Beacon Chain will become liquid in 5-7 days

  • Half of these rewards are expected to be re-staked on the Beacon Chain

  • Around 2.8 million ETH is expected to be withdrawn, with ~50% rotating back via liquid staking providers

  • Ethereum staking participation should rise above 40%

  • Follow-on impacts on DeFi applications, including liquid staking providers, DEXs, borrow/lending protocols, meta-governance projects, and re-staking infrastructure

  • Shapella could impact the supply elasticity of Ether and affect its volatility as a trading instrument

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