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Google Cloud Collaboration Makes Things Easier Solana Ecosystem

  • The collaboration between Google Cloud and Solana (SOL) may portend significant news. The price of SOL immediately soared by around 10% within minutes as a result of Google's teasing.

  • CoinGabbar, a service that tracks cryptocurrency prices, reports that the price of SOL is currently $37.5, up 11.4% from the day before. The tenth-ranked cryptocurrency is now valued at $13.81 billion on the market. The blockchain team claims to have created the technology to support scalable, practical apps.

06-Nov-2022 By: Sudeep Saxena
Google Cloud Collabo

Updates on Solana (SOL) news: Google Cloud has agreed to work 

With Solana (SOL), which could be a sign of big news.

Google Cloud has agreed to work with Solana (SOL), which could be a sign of big news. Thanks to Google's tease, the price of SOL increased right away, by about 10%, within a matter of minutes. According to price monitoring service CoinGabbar, the price of SOL is currently $37.5, up 11.4% in the previous day. The market valuation of the tenth-ranked cryptocurrency is currently $13.81 billion. According to the blockchain team, they have developed the technology to support scalable, usable apps.

Google Cloud Solana Collaboration

According to Google Cloud, it is taking part in and validating the network by operating a block-producing Solana validator. According to the company, anyone will be able to establish a dedicated blockchain node in the cloud because Google Cloud is collaborating with the blockchain to offer Blockchain Node Engine to the chain next year. Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of the blockchain project, was mentioned on the official Google Cloud Twitter account. This tweet stated:

Additionally, Google Cloud will index Solana data and add it to BigQuery early in 2019 to facilitate faster access to historical data for the SOL developer ecosystem. The IT juggernaut revealed Google Cloud's Blockchain Node Engine last week. The engine was created to aid Web 3.0 developers in creating and deploying fresh goods using blockchain-based infrastructure.

Already Making Efforts

Google appears to have already stepped up its efforts to run the SOL validator, in the meanwhile. Solana tech expert positions are now being filled by the Alphabet corporation. Web 3.0 experts with knowledge of DeFi protocol patterns are required for the position. The Ethereum blockchain will be the first supported by the Google Blockchain Node Engine. Facebook and Instagram introduced support for Solana NFTs earlier in the week.

For the blockchain network to offer decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions, the permissionless feature is essential. In March 2020, the blockchain was formally introduced. It is one of the promising initiatives to keep an eye out for due to its proof-of-history consensus.

Will this collaboration of Solana with Google impact the Solana ecosystem positively? Write down yours views in comment sections?