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Jack Daniel’s Files For Virtual Beverages Trademark

20 Sep 2022 By : COIN GABBAR
Jack Daniel’s Files

Many global brands are making advances to capitalize on the perceived benefits of adding metaverse and non-fungal tokens (NFTs) into their offerings. 

As a result, with three trademark registrations, global Whisky brand Jack Daniels became the latest entity to express interest in the metaverse.

On September 13, the company filed for trademarks with the intention of selling NFT-authenticated media, virtual beverages, barware, clothes, digital wallets, and collectibles in the metaverse.

In a tweet on September 19, licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis confirmed the filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

As per the filing, Jack Daniels intends to provide downloadable computer software for giving information regarding beverages and apparel.

More brands embracing metaverse

It is worth mentioning that Jack Daniels has joined the ranks of consumer brands and individuals aiming to establish a stake in the metaverse despite the sector's infancy. One prominent brand that has taken a similar path is chocolate company Mars Inc, which has filed an NFT trademark registration for its iconic brand M and M.

Elsewhere, other food companies entering the metaverse, such as McDonald's and KFC, aim to offer their products in virtual worlds.

Indeed, individuals are also making inroads into the space, led by NBA star Kevin Durant, who has submitted 26 trademark applications.

The increased adoption of the metaverse by leading brands is also reflected in the overall number of cryptocurrency-related trademark registrations in the United States. The number of registration is gradually increased in recent months. Between January 1 and August 31, 2022, the total reached 3,600. 

Notably, the NFT and Metaverse sectors are establishing themselves as a crucial component for businesses to communicate and connect with their customers.

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