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All About Lbank Web3 Networking Event | Coin Gabbar

05 Sep 2022 By: Shailja Joshi
All About Lbank Web3

All About Lbank Web3 Networking Event | Coin Gabbar

Within the past few months, we saw several crypto and Web3-centric firms organizing events to aware the community about the emergence of Web3 and Blockchain in Indore.

On September 4th, Lbank, a centralized and self-governance community trading platform, organized the Web3 Networking Event. This event aimed at creating awareness in the community regarding the early adoption of Web3.

Co-Founders at Lbank Networking Event

The event called four prominent speakers from the field of cryptocurrency and Web3—Mr. Sudeep Saxena (Co-founder of Coin Gabbar), Mr. Kalika Prasad Mishra (CTO - Codes for Tomorrow), Mr. Aish Vinder (Founder of Mad Ed) and Mr. Chandra Shekhar Choudhary (Blockchain Developer).

Web3 Networking Event

The event primarily talked about how Web3 and Blockchain will change the amalgamation of the world in the times to come. The confusion about the switch from Web2 to Web3 was also suitably elaborated by the speakers of the event. 

Sudeep Saxena, the co-founder of Coin Gabbar, explained how the integration of Web3 and Blockchain in the financial and private sectors will change the course of the world. He acknowledged the doubts of youngsters regarding Web3 and explained how it is a critical tool for greater financial sovereignty.

Kalika Prasad Mishra (CTO - Codes for Tomorrow), talked about the integration of NFTs and metaverse in the gaming world to enhance the gaming experience. The event further included Aish Vinder (Founder of Mad Ed) and Chandra Shekhar Choudhary (Blockchain Developer), who further threw some light on the basics of Web3 and blockchain.

Women in Web3

women in web3

The event also included many women. It was great seeing women empowering and embracing such a change with complete delight. Web3 is all about bringing change in the community. With women and men coming together to form the Web3 community of change, we can expect ‘the big transition’ soon!

The event incorporated activities like a blockchain quiz. Almost everyone at the event actively participated in the quiz and the first three winners were awarded compelling goodies. Well, not just the winners but attendees too were obliged with similar goodies from the organizer, LBank.

In a nutshell, the event was a great success.  The Indore Web3 community is emerging at a rapid phase in accepting and organizing such events. We look forward to more such events in the time to come, not just in Indore but also across the country to educate the general public regarding the use cases of Web3 and Blockchain in their daily life.