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NBA Star Filed Trademark For 'Curryverse' Where Players Earn NFTs

On Oct. 26, NBA superstar Steph Curry filed a trademark application for the "Curryverse" metaverse. With NFT services available in "virtual environments," the NBA superstar may be extending his basketball talents to the metaverse.

01 Nov 2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
NBA Star Filed Trade

Steph Curry has filed a trademark application for "Curryverse" to introduce his own version of the Metaverse to the NBA's 650 million fans on October 26.

If approved, the trademark application filed by SC30 Inc. in the US will provide the four-time NBA champion exclusive rights to "entertainment services, specifically, personal, virtual, and metaversal appearances."

As per the filing, the "Curryverse" will also offer "virtual world-like online gaming services," with users earning both fungible and non-fungible tokens that can be bought or sold on a "online marketplace."

The application also includes virtual clothes and products, business management and investment services, charitable fundraising services, and software as a service (SaaS) platforms for designing, advertising, selling, and exchanging NFTs.

While further specifics about the Curryverse are yet to be revealed. The NBA star's metaverse is certain to get a lot of interest considering his 47 million Instagram followers and 17.1 million Twitter followers.

While the Metaverse-related trademark appears to be Curry's first, it is far from his first foray into Web3.

Curry initially joined the NFT community in August 2021, after purchasing the Bored Ape Yacht Club for $206,000.

The Golden State Warriors player's interest in golf led him to invest in LinksDAO, a DAO focused at creating the "world's finest golf community."

As part of his ambassador role with the famous cryptocurrency exchange, the NBA superstar appeared in an FTX advertising in March.

NBA’s Miami Heat gets Web3 sponsor

Meanwhile, only eight days after announcing a multi-year agreement with the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL), blockchain infrastructure firm Chain has been named the Miami Heat's official "Web3/Blockchain infrastructure partner."

Chain claimed in a news statement on November 1 that its partnership will strive to bridge the gap between the sports sector and Web3 technology. It will offer a portfolio of goods and services that solve the challenges of overall blockchain management.

Chain's logo will also be embroidered on the Miami Heat player's pre-game shooting shirt. Also, the blockchain solutions business will be prominently featured on the NBA team's social media platforms.

In March 2021, FTX announced a $135 million deal with the Florida-based team to gain franchise rights to the Miami Heat's 21,000-seat stadium until 2040 — which is now officially known as FTX Arena.

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