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16 Pools Discovered 13,233 Blocks A Glance at the Leading Bitcoin Mining Pools in Q1 2022

13 Apr 2022 By: Sudeep Saxena
16 Pools Discovered

16 Pools Discovered 13,233 Blocks A Glance at the 

Leading Bitcoin Mining Pools in Q1 2022

During the first quarter of 2022, Bitcoin's hash rate varied between 180 and 200 exahash per second (EH/s), and 16 mining pools discovered 13,233 block remuneration. As per three-month data, Foundry USA was the network's top mining pool in terms of hash rate %, with 2,380 blocks mined in Q1 2022. According to metrics, bitcoin miners issued around 82,706.25 BTC in the previous three months after discovering 13,233 block rewards. The fees paid to miners during the first quarter of 2022 are not included in the bitcoin block data.

There were 16 known mining pools and one "unknown" source of hash rate contributing computing power to the Bitcoin network at the time. Foundry USA was indeed the leading mining pool over the previous three months, capturing 17.99 per cent of the worldwide hash rate in Q1. In Q1, Foundry USA mined one empty block out of 2,380 BTC blocks mined. Antpool followed Foundry USA's lead in the first quarter, capturing 14.34 per cent of the global hash rate in 90 days. Antpool mined 1,898 bitcoin blocks, however, four of them were empty. In the previous three months, F2pool was the third-largest bitcoin pool, controlling 14.05 per cent of the network's overall hash rate. F2pool received 1,859 blocks out of the 13,233 block rewards found in Q1 with 14.05 per cent of the processing power. Pooling had 12.06 per cent of the world hash rate with 1,596 blocks discovered, while Binance Pool had 11.33 per cent of the hash rate with 1,499 blocks found in Q1. The five pools stated above gathered 57.71 per cent of Bitcoin's worldwide hash rate. While there were 16 recognised mining pools, an "unknown" source of hash rate, commonly referred to as "stealth miners," scored 158 bitcoin blocks, accounting for 1.19 per cent of the overall hash rate. While 2021 was a notable year for stealth miners, the first quarter of 2022 reveals

 that the unknown hash rate is far lower this year. In the first quarter of 2022, the difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) witnessed five rises and only two decreases. Out of the seven-period adjustments, the network's mining complexity skyrocketed by 16.98% from the first week of January. Bitcoin's mining difficulty was 24.37 trillion on January 8, 2022, and it is now 28.59 trillion. The highest DAA rise occurred on January 20, at a block height of 719,712, when the DAA migrated upwards by 9.32 per cent. The greatest DAA decrease occurred during the first week of March at a block height of 725,760 when it fell by 1.49 per cent. While Foundry USA was the top mining pool in 2022 for the past three months, the pool only accounts for 0.9 per cent of the hash rate since 2009. The unknown hash rate is the greatest entity in terms of lifetime hash rate since 2009, accounting for 30.9 per cent of the hash rate. Following the unknown hash are F2pool, Antpool,, and Slush Pool, in that order. BTC Guild, a now-defunct mining pool, still boasts the sixth-highest hash rate since 2009, with 4.5 per cent or 32,935 blocks mined. In comparison, Foundry USA has only discovered 6,300 blocks in the pool's entire mining history.