Putin Says "Risk Of Nuclear War Rising" Crypto Market Fumbles

  • During a Human Rights Council meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of nuclear war.

  • This Event caused the cryptocurrency market to slightly fall, with Bitcoin and Ethereum

08 Dec 2022 By: Ashish Sarswat
Putin Says "Risk Of

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, says during a meeting of the Human Rights Council that the risk of nuclear war is increasing.

Wednesday's Human Rights Council meeting was broadcast live, and Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a thorough public war update. The President also claims that there is an increased chance of nuclear war and stressed that Russia had not "gone insane," but rather just saw its own nuclear arsenal as a protective measure.

The so-called "tactical" nuclear weapons, according to Putin, were deployed in other countries, not Russia, and he vowed to defend Russia's territory and allies "with all feasible measures."

The idea that some of the United States' tactical nuclear weapons are kept by NATO defence allies in Europe, including those that reach as far east as Turkey, was being alluded to.

Putin stated during a meeting with the Russian Human Rights Council that although the prospect of nuclear war is growing, Russia will not use nuclear weapons first or second since doing so would be impossible following a nuclear attack on Russia.

Yes, we'll use a variety of techniques to do this. Naturally, we would first prioritise diplomatic solutions; however, if everything else fails, we will defend ourselves using every tool at our disposal, stated Putin.

Our nuclear forces are more sophisticated than those of any other nation in the globe, Putin was heard saying during the meeting.

During the current session of the Human Rights Council, Putin and other senior authorities made an effort to put an end to the lingering rumours of a second military mobilisation throughout society in 2023. He said there was no need to call any more reservists after the last 300,000 were called up for operations in Ukraine.

In order to fulfil the objectives he had previously publicly declared, he emphasised the necessity of seeing the operation through to its conclusion: "Russia might be the only guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity. But it's up to the new Ukrainian leaders," Putin said.

As a result of this news, the cryptocurrency market somewhat declined, with Bitcoin and Ethereum, at the time of writing, each down just over 0.1% during the previous 30 minutes.

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