Ripple Lawsuit Predicted Early Ruling by XRP Lawyer

The Ripple Lawsuit may be over sooner than expected, according to the lawyer for XRP investors. The Judge now has the final say on the matter, though. The main case between the US SEC and Ripple is getting hotter and hotter, and many industry titans are trying to get involved. The Summary Judgement rulings in the Ripple litigation could take longer than anticipated, according to those who are involved in the case. The problem has been explained by the XRP investor's attorney, nevertheless.

02 Nov 2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
Ripple Lawsuit Predi

The attorney for XRP holders has stated that the Ripple Lawsuit 

May conclude sooner than anticipated. However, the Judge now has final say in the matter.

Numerous business titans are attempting to participate in the court proceedings in the key litigation between the US SEC and Ripple, which is becoming increasingly heated. People interested in the Ripple litigation anticipate that the Summary Judgement decisions may take longer than expected. However, the lawyer for XRP investors has clarified the situation.

An attorney announces good XRP news

The XRP community anticipates that a decision on the SEC and Ripple's requests for summary judgement may be made by November 18, 2022. They speculate that it might take considerably longer than this. Some significant court dates are highlighted by John Deaton, Amicus Curiae in the Ripple action.

Deaton stated that no decision would be made by that time. On November 15, 2022, the response briefs are due. This will be delivered with a seal on it. The public copies, which have been censored, will be available by November 21.

According to the attorney for XRP holders, there is a remote chance that the SEC will request a few more days. In order to respond to all of the Amici submissions, the commission might also add a few extra pages.

Deaton said there was a chance to see a ruling by possibly March 2023 if Judge Analisa Torres handled the Ripple litigation in a manner consistent with past cases. There is a possibility of receiving a decision earlier if Judge Torres chooses to evaluate this lawsuit in an accelerated manner.

Defendants advance in the case.

However, there has been a surge of people and businesses attempting to enter the Summary judgement procedures in the SEC vs. Ripple action. Even several petitioners were given permission by the court to submit amicus papers.

According to CoinGabbar, Coinbase has requested permission from the court to submit amicus briefs in favour of Ripple. Four additional businesses went ahead and submitted Amicus Briefs in support of Ripple.