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Seven Startups Join Mastercard Program to Increase Cryptocurrency Access

  • Mastercard has added seven firms to its Start Path initiative in order to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. 

  • Mastercard said "we are embracing a new cohort of companies to facilitate access to digital assets, develop communities for creators, and empower individuals to innovate for the future through Web3 technology."

05 Nov 2022 By: Simran Mishra
Seven Startups Join

On November 4, Mastercard announced the addition of seven startups 

From around the world to its Start Path program.

The announcement details, “we work with digital asset, blockchain, and cryptocurrency-based enterprises through the Mastercard Start Path global startup engagement program to make blockchain technology and digital assets more accessible.”

“We're welcoming a new cohort of companies to help creators gain access to digital assets, develop communities, and empower individuals to innovate for the future using Web3 technology,” the payments company added.

The startups include Singapore-based Digital Treasures Center, Abu Dhabi-based Fasset, United States-based Loot Bolt, United States-based Quadrata, Colombia-based Stable, Dubai-based TBTM Studios, and United States-based Uptop.

They will join over 350 companies from 40 countries that have taken part in Mastercard's Start Path program since 2014.

According to Mastercard, “NFTs, blockchain gaming, and metaverse experiences could change the way customers shop and connect. To realise this promise, we must work together and bring together technology, banking, fintech, and cryptocurrency.”

The company elaborated, there is no singular vision for the crypto economy other than that anyone who uses cryptocurrency should be able to do so easily and safely. Mastercard wants to provide users more options for how they pay, spend, and buy cryptocurrency.

Mastercard is concentrating on five critical areas to make cryptocurrency a commonplace payment method. Last month, the company launched Crypto Source, a new initiative that allows financial institutions to offer crypto trading and related services to their customers.

What are your thoughts on Mastercard working with startups to make cryptocurrency more accessible? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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