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7 Things Which Are Always in the Mind of Crypto Traders

Have you ever wondered about what are the things that are always in the mind of a crypto trader? Here is a detailed list for you to explore!

17 Feb 2023 By: Anubhav Tulsyan
7 Things Which Are A

There could be a hundred things that you think about every day, 

But some thoughts are not only repetitive but also common among communities. 

As cryptocurrencies became extremely popular amongst the masses, the number of crypto traders increased significantly in the last few years. Even though crypto trading comes with extremely high risk and high reward ratios, traders are ready to stake a certain amount of their net worth in crypto assets. However, a lot of risks come with a lot of mental tolls that not only crypto but traders of all commodities have to face. 

Today we are trying to dive deep into the mind of crypto traders and figure out the most common things that are always in the minds of crypto traders. 

7 Things That Crypto Traders Keep Thinking About

I should have bought 10K Bitcoins when it was dirt cheap

At some point in time, all of us had wished for the same. But only a few fortunate ones actually bought it in bulk at the right time. Anyways, not buying is better than that dude in Welsh City who threw away a crypto wallet with 7500 Bitcoins on it. Really hope he’d be able to forgive himself in the next 15 lifetimes. 

Shiba Inu is going to hit $1 and I will become a millionaire

We all are waiting, and waiting, and waiting……..and waiting. 

Trust Elon. Keep holding Doge

He might not be the best boss in the business but he surely has some impact on the crypto markets. We are waiting for a day when DogeFather himself comes forward to make Dogecoin, the official currency of Twitter or just tweet “Doge” once more.  

Alexa, how not to spend all my savings in crypto?

Crypto trading is so infatuating that we are ready to stake everything for our dear crypto. Okay sometimes it can get a bit much but maybe a rented apartment is as good as the one I own right now. 

Okay, I would not check my portfolio anymore. This is the last time

I’ll start this from tomorrow, only after checking the prices after lunch. Maybe from the next Monday or let’s keep it next month. Okay, next year Jan final. 

Is this a dip within a dip?

Buy the dip, done. This is the real dip, buy more, done. This is the dipping dip, the perfect time to buy, Um..okay. Now, this is final, it can only go from here, accumulate more, and keep holding for your dear life. 

Alexa, when the next crypto bull run is coming?

The only thing we miss about Covid-19 is the crypto bull run. I Hope Alexa is right this time and crypto winter is just about to end. Really hope so!

Apart from this, there could be hundreds of more thoughts that haunt and lure crypto traders but this is it for today. If you would like to follow more such stories on cryptocurrencies, keep following CoinGabbar. 

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