Top blockchain news: India’s second-most populous state issues 100k diplomas on Polygon blockchain

04 Aug 2022 By: Sudeep Saxena
Top blockchain news:

The Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD

Has distributed approximately 100k validated digital certificates anchored on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain via the LegitDoc platform.

According to an August 4 report by an Indian media outlet, LegitDoc catalyzed the collaboration between the MSBSD and the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSINS), which resulted in the creation of the initiative, which is a method for issuing and certifying digital documents based on blockchain technology.

The initiative intends to digitize the transcripts and certificates that MSBSD annually awards to about 100k students. According to Neil Martis, co-founder of LegitDoc, this was accomplished by creating tamper-evident digital diploma PDFs that are anchored on Polygon Blockchain.

According to Martis, Blockchain-based degrees offer the highest level of data safety, privacy, transparency, and cost savings when compared to conventional online certificates.

First effort to digitize certificates

It is worth noting that the board could not previously provide online degrees. With this undertaking, the board is making its first attempt to digitize the certificates.

However, rather than transitioning to traditional centralized digital techniques, the board has decided to jump ahead to directly on-chain-based digital certificates, according to Martis.

Previously, MSBSD exclusively provided paper mark sheets and graduation certificates. Giving hardcopy certificates to students typically necessitates the cooperation of over a thousand personnel throughout its network of training institutions and departments and might take up to a month.

Martis notes that confirming degrees was likewise a time-consuming process, taking almost three board officials and a 30-day median cycle time to resolve a basic verification request.

“As a result, this project was undertaken to automate the entire process by digitizing diploma issuing and verification using blockchain technology, so eliminating all manual interventions and inefficiencies.”

Maharashtra used blockchain tech for COVID certificates

The Indian state of Maharashtra has previously used blockchain technology for a variety of purposes, including the issuance of caste certificates and COVID certifications, and the Maharashtra government decided to issue blockchain-based diploma certificates due to its success in implementing blockchain use cases.

Interestingly , the government has already carried out a trial operation on the Ethereum blockchain to test out this option for former student credentials, but because of scalability and the high gas cost associated with Ethereum, the board has launched its full-scale deployment on Polygon.

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