Did Twitter Influencer "FatMan" Attack This Crypto for SBF?

  • Did SBF's Alameda Research hire Twitter user FatMan to spread lies about Do Kwon and his LUNA project?

  • This situation has one extra factor. SBF's Alameda may have hired a Twitter influencer who spread misinformation about Terra (LUNA) and its developer Do Kwon.

11 Dec 2022 By: Anirudh Trivedi
Did Twitter Influenc

Was SBF's Alameda Research responsible for hiring Twitter influencer 

FatMan to disseminate untruths about Do Kwon and his LUNA project?

Federal authorities in the United States are looking into FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried for manipulating two cryptocurrencies earlier this year, according to a report that was released on Wednesday. To ascertain whether SBF manipulated TerraUSD and Luna pricing to benefit FTX and its associated trading firm, Alameda Research, an investigation has been launched.

Did Terra FUD Have a Plan?

There is one more element to this whole scenario, though. According to rumours, SBF's Alameda may have employed a Twitter influencer who later published false information on the Terra (LUNA) project and its creator Do Kwon.

Under the Twitter handle @fatmanterra, the user has frequently spoken out against the cryptocurrency project and predicted its downfall, blaming Terraform Labs and Do Kwon for the problems. But the profile is still private.

The person using the alias "FatMan" first came to public attention when he asserted that he had "proofs" of Do Kwon's misconduct in the infamous UST depeg.

Do Kwon vs. FatMan

Although many believe that his arguments have been refuted by other community members, the profile continues to hold to his beliefs and has frequently criticised the founder of Terra.

The self-described "cryptocurrency & finance researcher" has even refuted claims that SBF had anything to do with the May 2022 UST fiasco.

Instead, his most recent tweet criticises Terraform Labs for putting $450 million of its own UST into the market, ultimately contributing to the collapse of the coin.

Do Kwon Comes Clean

The Terra founder claims that Genesis Trading provided about $1 billion in UST to SBF’s Alameda Research before the stablecoin’s depeg in order to carry out the infamous trade.

Bankman-Fried said he was not aware of any "market manipulation" and categorically never intended to engage in any sort of market manipulation in a statement to the Times on Wednesday.