By : COIN GABBAR 13 May 2022

Emirates Airlines is all set to accept “payments in Bitcoin for flight tickets.”

Emirates Airlines is all set to accept “payments in Bitcoin for flight tickets.”

Emirates will also offer NFTs of them soon on their website.

Emirates Airlines, one of the biggest airline companies in the United Arab Emirates, has announced plans to incorporate "bitcoin as a payment facility." The airline intends to hire people to develop software that tracks customer wants.

Etihad Airways, the major airline in the UAE, may shortly accept "bitcoin as a payment option," according to the corporation's chief operating officer (COO), Adel Ahmed Al-Redha. Furthermore, the airline will include non-fungible token (NFT) collectables on its website.

The airline's intention to accept bitcoin comes only a few weeks after it disclosed its NFT and metaverse ideas. The objective of the firm with the metaverse introduction is to guarantee the airline is "compatible with the UAE's strategy for the digitalization."

In comments reported in Arab Media, Al Redha mentioned that his firm may need to hire staff to help in the development of applications that track client desires. Redha also discussed the distinctions between NFTs and metaverse. "NFTs and metaverse are 2 distinct technologies and methodologies," he stated. "With metaverse, you will just be capable of turning your whole process — either it is in operational, instruction, online shopping, or the entire process — into a metaverse style software, but more crucially, engaging."

The timeframe for the firm's bitcoin payment option was not specified in the report.

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