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Travala is an online hotel booking platform, where users can pay using crypto and traditional payment methods. Users can lock the Travala token (AVA) token to qualify for booking discounts. At the same time, they can also earn rewards by closing their AVA tokens at the Travala platform. Users who lock more and more AVA tokens are offered higher discounts, loyalty rewards, and many more other benefits.


Travala was founded in 2017 by a team that combines technology in the tourism industry, blockchain platforms, and fintech that aims to disrupt the online tourism market through a limited platform that minimizes conflicts, costs, and time required to book accommodation and plane tickets. The founders of Travala are Matthew Luczynski, Juan Otero, and Steve Hiphell. 


People used to go to physical trade agencies for trade purposes, and give them commission for the services received. This led to an opportunity that led Travala to be built as an online booking travel platform where you can pay your travel expenses in the form of crypto assets and get additional discounts and offers. Currently, 70% of its bookings are made in crypto.


Offering up to 40% and a 15% savings rate on bookings, is the leading blockchain travel booking platform that transforms the future of the online tourism industry. Travala accepts payments in both fiat currencies, such as US and Australian dollars, and 35 crypto assets, including the traditional AVA token, tied to the Travala awards and the discount program.

 Travala is tapping the emerging crypto payments market and using digital currency to make cross-border transactions in various fiat currencies effectively. As a few, if there are any hotel or transport retailers who accept and price with crypto, automatically. Travala reflects the price in the user's local currency, indicating the conversion of various fiat and crypto prices. Supported by industry giant Binance, Travala enables users to use more than 50 cryptocurrencies including BNB, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and AVA,'s native cryptocurrency - in addition to traditional payment methods. 


·        The AVA token can be used for payments, receiving loyalty rewards, and receiving discounts and bonuses, among a few other use cases.

·         In addition to the unbeatable prices with Best Price Guarantee, the smart users at can also enjoy additional discounts and loyalty rewards with proper bookings made on the platform.

·        Tourism providers can use AVA to pay for their initial investment in search results. This extends to any travel-related services.

·        Spend and buy with AVA from over 60 million Visa merchants worldwide through their partner, Swipe.

·        AVA can be used as a payment mechanism which can be used to pay electricity bills, car registration, mobile phone bills, credit card fees, school fees, and many more.






Travala collaborated with Tripadvisor’s Viator, the leading resource for tours and activities worldwide which made more than 400,000 experiences - including activities, attractions, events, and tourism.

+48% Increase


Travala, the Crypto booking firm partners with Travel Giant

+45% Increase


The tourism industry accounts for only 3.3% of the global economy but adds more points in terms of the indirect impact of tourism. However, the efficiency and cost savings obtained through digital finance and blockchain-based purchases are significant and represent a promising opportunity for the industry to strive to regain lost business.

 Some may see the acceptance of Bitcoin payments as a scheme, however, it is tempting to get regular, experienced technical professionals to first try the service and then switch to AVA tokens, which are the backbone of Travala’s split strategy, return processes and ultimately AVA token economy.


Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Crypto products are currently unregulated and subject to market risk. Please seek independent financial advice or do your own research before investing.