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Tether Invests in, Boosting Georgia's Crypto Hub

Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners Will be Required To Obtain a License

Stablecoin issuer Tether has announced its strategic investment 

in, a payment processing company operating across 600 locations in Georgia. The partnership aims to boost efficiency and convenience in the country's payment industry. Georgia has emerged as an appealing destination for cryptocurrency firms due to its progressive regulatory environment. In 2022, the Georgian government introduced new regulations targeting digital businesses and crypto trading. The move helped attract companies like Binance, which established a blockchain hub in Georgia. Binance's initiative, referred to as a "Web3 outpost," aims to drive widespread cryptocurrency adoption, create job opportunities, and provide educational resources for the blockchain sector. Tether's investment further strengthens Georgia's position as a prominent global cryptocurrency hub.

By: Simran Mishra

01 Jun 2023

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