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GEM COIN Gem Coin Ovr (OVR)


Ovr (OVR)

Entry Date : 11th May 2022

Entry Price : 1.19

C.M.P. : 0.217997

Return (%) : -81.68 %

Averaging Point From: 1.25

Averaging Point To:

Target Price : 12-15

Holding Period :

Launch Date :

Launch Price : 0.064

ATH : 3.33

ATL : 0.02546331

About us

It is a metaverse platform for live, events, gaming, avatars, tourism, AI assistant, and Land selling.  Burning system is there so your token supply will be limited and you will get a good price.

Reason to Buy

Just migrated to Polygon from Ethereum in the first phase and tested well, the second and final phase of migration will be done in Feb 2022. to speed up transactions and to minimize fees.