GEM COIN Gem Coin Dogecoin (DOGE)


Dogecoin (DOGE)

Entry Date : 19th Jun 2022

Entry Price : 0.05072

C.M.P. : 0.0602

Return (%) : 18.69 %

Averaging Point From: 0

Averaging Point To: 1

Target Price : 5 to 10x

Holding Period :

Launch Date : 08-12-2013

Launch Price : 0.0004222

ATH : 0.731578

ATL : 8.69E-5

About us

Dogecoin is initially launched as a meme coin based on a Dog. But after Elon musk tweeted for in in January 2021 it skyrocketed.

Reason to Buy

1. Elon Musk just-announced a deal to buy Twitter and the deal will be completed in 2022 and Elon musk many times mentioned that he will accept dogecoin as a payment mode for its products.
Also, he mentioned that Twitter will be monetized by giving the option to users for Bluetick verified account on some specified amount of payment and payment can also be accepted in Dogecoin.

So whenever Twitter will officially announce to acceptance of Dogecoin, It will be the first cryptocurrency that is officially accepted for Social media payments. 

So dogecoin has the potential to go to 5x to 10x from here.