GEM COIN Gem Coin Floki Inu (FLOKI)


Floki Inu (FLOKI)

Entry Date : 10th May 2022

Entry Price : 1.041E-5

C.M.P. : 7.7E-6

Return (%) : -26.03 %

Averaging Point From:

Averaging Point To: 4

Target Price : 30x

Holding Period :

Launch Date :

Launch Price : 3.0E-6

ATH : 0.00033651

ATL : 8.428E-8

About us

Token built on Etherum blockchain and binance blockchain and it is non mineable 

Product - it is working on 3 projects

A. An NFT gaming metaverse valhalla 

B. An NFT and Merchandise market place floki university

C. Content and education platform called floki University

Reason to Buy

 It is not just a meme coin and some group of big influencers created its names- petabyte capital, Sabre, Mrbrown whale.

The company integrated with Chainlink to enter in the world of DEFI

It has partnered  for promotion with Dutch, Russian and india soccer clubs

It is called Shiba Inu Rival

Strong community urges Kraken to list it.