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Crypto Market News

Floki INU Soaring High After Musk’s New Twitter CEO Tweets

Elon Musk shared a photo on Twitter with his dog sitting on the chair of Twitter CEOThe tweet went viral immediately and people started connecting dif....

By: Simran Mishra

15 Feb 2023


No More Crypto Custodians in the U.S.A? SEC to Bring New Laws!

The securities regulator is working on a draft proposal that would make it difficult for crypto firms to hold digital assets on their client’s behalf....

By: Anirudh Trivedi

14 Feb 2023


Why did PayPal Halt its Stablecoin Development? A Detailed Insight

The increasing intervention of regulatory bodies in the blockchain businesses is said to be the main reason behind discouraging PayPal It is....

By: Shikha Jha

11 Feb 2023


Big Eyes Coin might soon Reach Big Audience

Experts believe Meme Coins will outpace altcoins in the times to come.Big Eyes, a new meme coin with enormous potential, will soon be available for tr....

By: Shikha Jha

06 Dec 2022


Ethereum Turns Out to be a Game Changer

Ethereum has changed the definition of altcoins in recent months.During this bear market, altcoins showed positive momentum.The multiple upgrades to t....

By: Divya Behl

05 Dec 2022


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