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Author shreya vyas
English News Writer
News Writer
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Shreya Vyas is a blockchain journalist at CoinGabbar and is responsible for maintaining a steady flow of content on the website by effectively handling the graphical representation of the news. She’s a journalism and mass communication graduate and adept at handling the technicalities of audio and video content production. Shreya’s grasp of her art enables her to curate in-depth blogs on NFTs, Metaverse, GameFi, and Web 3.0 fashion. Shreya’s sheer zeal for blockchain trends and clear understanding of the audience’s demands make her a core participant in our content supply chain. Her passion for traveling and exploration aligns perfectly with her devotion to photography. Shreya is also an environmental and animal rights activist and you can know more about her life experiences in her interesting podcasts.
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Blogs by shreya vyas

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