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Coin Gabbar Cubs is committed to bringing more and more crypto detailed information, analysis & research to the users. Currently, users can track more than 12000+ crypto assets at

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There are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, offering multiple trading services to their users. You can visit our list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to gain insights into their trade volume, country of origin, number of listed coins, and year of establishment. 

Before starting with any crypto exchange make sure that you understand how a crypto exchange functions. Having a clear idea about its functioning will make your trading operations much smoother. 

Fear of missing out or experiencing the urge to earn the same profits as everyone is making in the market trends can block the trading rationale of the investors. To deal with the FOMO in crypto trades, the traders must acknowledge their reasons, examine the market indicators, and enhance their crypto understanding by going through Coingabbar’s detailed token analysis.

A traditional automated teller machine is used to withdraw cash and transfer money from one bank account to the other, however, a Bitcoin ATM is used to purchase Bitcoins by depositing cash into the machine. 14,000+ Bitcoin ATMs are in operation around the globe, making it easier for people to buy and transfer their digital assets using QR codes. 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens encoded in an immutable blockchain ledger and cannot be replicated. NFTs can be used in multiple ways, however, some of the best uses of NFTs are in:

  1. Defining ownership of digital assets

  2. Functioning as unique utility tokens

  3. Personalizing the Metaverse and decentralized gaming experience

  4. Creating rare digital collectibles

Crypto exchanges provide only trading services to their users while on other hand, international news portals are not able to justify the attention to detail that crypto journalism requires. Coin Gabbar effectively fills this gap of information while also providing the latest blockchain news, active discussion forums, mock trading, accurate price analysis, informative content, and deep insights into the market. Coin Gabbar is home to unbiased, independent, and free crypto information. 

Cryptocurrencies provide lucrative investment opportunities as only Bitcoin has given an average of 1500% APY from 2010 to 2021. With the right knowledge of personal risk-taking capacity and a deep understanding of crypto trades, one can curate a functional strategy to invest smartly in crypto. So, yes, you should invest in cryptocurrencies if you can take calculated risks and have the right information sources such as Coin Gabbar.

You can start investing in cryptocurrency by understanding the basics of crypto. You can start with our beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency to learn about the core concepts of crypto investments. Once you know the basics of crypto such as the difference between a coin and a token, ideas of centralization and decentralization, and other crypto jargon, you can create your own investment strategies and test them in our mock trading platform. 

The role of crypto wallets is crucial for the security of your digital assets. Multiple crypto wallets are present in the market, however, not all of them are equally safe. Coingabbar strongly suggests choosing a cold wallet or a non-custodial soft wallet for storing your digital assets. 

The anonymous nature of blockchain technology makes it hard to trace the on-chain transactions and pinpoint them to a particular user, making it unlikely to gain back your stolen cryptocurrencies. However, if your cryptocurrency is stolen, follow these steps immediately:

  1. Report the theft to local cyber crime authorities/police

  2. Replace your passwords with stronger ones

  3. Inform your exchange/wallet/bank about the stolen assets

To trace your scammer you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Follow the trails of your crypto tokens using crypto explorers

  2. If the scammer tries to shift that crypto to an exchange, report it to that exchange with valid details and proofs

  3. The scammer will need to complete a KYC to sell your crypto in any top exchange and that exchange can assist authorities to trace him/her down

As crypto adoption is increasing with time, decentralized finance is going to grow beyond its present borders. Governments are also on their way to drafting crypto tax regulations and validating the crypto trades. With Ethereum moving to proof-of-stake, the ecological impacts of cryptocurrencies are going to go down significantly. 

From NFTs to Metaverse and from media to celebrities, cryptocurrencies are gaining trust and authority. With time, the future of cryptocurrencies is only getting brighter. 

Spot and perpetual trading are two kinds of trade contracts, differentiated on the basis of holding liberties. A spot trading contract has to be settled on a specific date, however, a perpetual contract does not have any fixed expiration allowing the owner to hold or trade it as per their will.

To know more about trading, download the top cryptocurrency app today-

Some crypto projects are intrinsically more valuable than others, however, buying a cryptocurrency only because everyone is talking about it, might not be the perfect choice for you. Patience is key to making crypto profits and to hold a token long enough, you must comprehend the core idea behind its functioning.

The best cryptocurrency for you to buy is the one that you can trust and hold even during the market lows. This is possible by learning about different tokens and understanding their value proposition.

It's never too late in life to start something new. With the right information and effective strategies, you can create a profitable crypto portfolio in any market condition. You will need deep token analysis, the latest market news, and informative blogs to create a foundation for your crypto knowledge. 

The market is yet to reach its full potential and we are only witnessing a hint of its upcoming glory. Once you are well-conditioned with the market, you can start investing in cryptocurrencies as this is the perfect time to enter the market. 

A blockchain is a shared database or ledger. This modern database is a type of digital ledger that consists of a growing list of records, called blocks, that are securely linked together using cryptography. The Bitcoin inventors initially prototyped the system in 2008. Blockchains can be used to store a wide range of data types in different sectors. A peer-to-peer network of independent nodes uses a consensus mechanism to maintain the security and legitimacy of the blockchain. Each network node maintains a public and immutable copy of the data.

Cryptocurrency, widely known as "crypto," is a digital currency that serves as a medium of exchange. They are based on decentralized networks and they are not influenced by any government or bank. Cryptographic technology across many stages ensures the safe storage and transit of cryptocurrency. These decentralized systems rely on publicly accessible distributed ledgers, often known as blockchains, making it impossible to conduct fraudulent transactions.

Coin Gabbar is a unique Crypto Information and Research Marketplace. We are providing content in the Crypto Sphere, such as Cryptocurrency News in English/Hindi, Technical Blogs, Analysis Articles, GEM Coins, Research Papers on Coins/Tokens, and Technical Charts and live Cryptocurrency Prices, to assist users in analyzing crypto assets in all aspects. Additionally, we also cover all events related to Airdrops, ICOs, and IDOs with calendars dedicated to them. To conclude, CoinGabbar is a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency research and analysis.

An Airdrop is a marketing strategy used to promote a crypto project or a product. It is a way to distribute coins for free or in exchange for a promotional task, like subscribing to the service, tweeting, or inviting people through a personal affiliate link. It is simply implemented as a marketing and liquidity tool by crypto startups.

You can simply earn free crypto without any investment. Just participate in Crypto Airdrops directly on Coin Gabbar and watch our complete coin airdrop calendar, which includes cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other crypto assets for current, upcoming, and closed airdrops.

Mining occurs in cryptocurrencies that use PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus; typically, miners validate a new block for the network and receive coins from the blockchain's native cryptocurrency. However, this process of generating new coins through validating transactions requires high computational power and technical knowledge.

It depends on your perspective; if you see cryptocurrency as a long-term investment, you should concentrate on fundamental analysis via our research papers, blogs, and cryptocurrency news. And if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you should focus on technical analysis, which you can do by using our technical charts, live cryptocurrency prices, and analysis articles. We also offer a mock trading feature and a prediction game, so you can put your trading skills to the test.

The terms initial coin offering (ICO) and initial dex offering (IDO) are somewhat similar to an initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market. An ICO is a method of raising funds for the development of new blockchain apps, cryptocurrencies, or financial services. Both are methods of crowdfunding in which investors may buy tokens generated by the company. The only difference between them is that in an ICO, tokens are sold before exchange listing, and tokens in an IDO are immediately listed on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) via which they are launched.

A metaverse is a virtual environment powered by cutting-edge technologies in which individuals will be represented by avatars, can interact with one another, trade items and accessories, construct houses and landscapes, and organize events. A crypto metaverse can employ blockchain as its underlying technology and adhere to the crypto-economy.

NFTs are a modern form of representing digital assets by employing crypto and blockchain. The ownership of an NFT is recorded on the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and exchanged. They generally include references to digital items, including photos, videos, and audio. NFTs are different from regular cryptocurrencies as they are uniquely identifiable.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a form of finance based on the concept of decentralization, which implies that the financial system will not need central authorities like banks to provide services. It implements smart contracts that assemble code to create agreements between users. DeFi applications employ open source code, blockchain technology, and cryptography to transmit payments to anybody with an internet connection and a device.

Staking takes place in PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Consensus for the generation of coins and validating the transactions. It chooses a node to validate the new block depending on its stake in the currency. The Blockchain network rewards these miners with transaction fees.

Crypto Launchpad is a platform that enables blockchain-based projects to raise funding and provide early-stage token sales access to their investor group. Access to early-stage projects offers a cheap price for investors before the company becomes public. 

A Launchpool is also a fundraising platform used by crypto startups to raise funds by inviting investors to deposit their crypto holdings into a capital pool. In return, the investors can earn interest on the amount of crypto they deposit. It fills the gap between investors, project owners, the community, specialists, and general market players to aid in the development of innovative initiatives for the future. 

Coin Gabbar Token is created with the goal of pushing crypto adoption to the mainstream by utilising enhanced and innovative concepts such as Token, Rewards, NFT Marketplace, Wallets, P2E Gaming, Crypto Launchpad, DeFi, Metaverse, and Exchange. The Whitepaper delved into the depths of its tokenomics. It also mentioned Coin Gabbar's roadmap and its future visions till 2024, which are divided into ten phases.

Cryptocurrency trading is an act of making speculations about the crypto price movements through a CFD trading account. Crypto trading can be done by buying and selling the underlying coins via exchange.

Crypto markets are decentralized. They run across a network of computers and are not issued by any central authority. However, cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold through exchange. These currencies can also be stored in wallets.

Cryptocurrencies exist on a shared digital record of ownership, stored on a blockchain. When a user wishes to sell cryptocurrency units to another user, they do it through crypto wallets. Only after the transaction is verified and added to the blockchain, it is considered final. This is also how new crypto tokens are created.

Crypto exchange is where traders can buy, sell, and convert different cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges offer the most competitive prices or speeds, whereas others provide specialized financial products. Talking about the best cryptocurrency exchange. It basically depends on various factors. There are two types of exchange in crypto - Centralised Exchange and Decentralised Exchange.

A cryptocurrency exchange needs to offer security to the user, liquidity to the trade, well-listed coins, ease of usage, and flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds. If an exchange offers you all the above, you are in safe hands.

Coin Gabbar is one of the most trustworthy crypto marketplaces and research portals. It is the best place to gather all information about the whole crypto sphere. The app includes daily crypto news and updations in Hindi as well as English, Technical Blogs, Price Analysis articles, Prediction, GEM Coins, Research Papers on Coins/Tokens, and a lot more. This keeps users informed about each and every movement of the crypto world. To know more download the Coin Gbbar App today.

Modern crypto trading bots are not just trading bots but much more than that. They are based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other smart technologies. All of these together collect information from the crypto market in real time by making use of APIs. after collecting data, they then analyze this information by using predefined trading strategies in order to derive trading signals.

The renowned crypto trading bots pull information from various social sources and news sites. However, there is no ideal crypto trading bot that can be blindly trusted. It is always good to rely on news and information sites like ours that work alongside human intervention.