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12 Best Crypto Information Portals That You Cannot Miss to Follow in 2023 - CoinGabbar, CoinDCX,

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04-Feb-2023 Anirudh Trivedi
12 Best Crypto Information Portals That You Cannot Miss to Follow in 2023 - CoinGabbar, CoinDCX,

Search engines are flooded with a lot of queries related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and similar technologies. However, finding unbiased news and information in today’s world of marketing is not easy.

Recently Feedspot, a leading content reader, published their report on the best crypto information portals. Feedspot enables its audience to keep up with their favorite websites and blogs through a single dashboard. This makes it extremely easy for the readers to navigate through the content of their choice.

In order to ensure you receive the best of the best news and blogs and learnings of these promising technologies, we are here with a list of the top 12 Indian websites that are authentic and reliable. Make sure you bookmark this blog to save it for every time you need information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

Best Crypto Information Portals That You Need To Bookmark NOW


Founded and led by leading brains of Indian financial ecosystems, CoinGabbar is a single-stop content solution for all the information you would need for a crypto investor. They are well known for their features like price analysis and crypto research papers, the latest market news, detailed technical blogs, and ICO/ IDO alert. CoinGabbar ensures high standards of financial journalism and provides authentic news to its audience. It is an information and research marketplace with Learn to Earn Web 3.0  projects and a great B2B launchpad. 

        2. CoinDCX

CoinDCX aims to be the most valued crypto investment app. Their exchange platform is built with the user’s experience and security in mind. They provide users with single-point access to a diverse suite of crypto-based financial products and services that are backed by security processes and insurance. Trusted by 1.3+ crore users & they have 200+ coins listed. 

Their major focus is on solutions around crypto investing for numerous problems faced by the Indian crypto community. Apart from this, CoinDCX has also launched its DCX Learn platform with an aim to educate its customers. DCX Learn is a one-stop solution to learn anything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies for free. 

        3. WazirX

WazirX is said to be one of the most trusted Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Built by a team of hardcore traders and passionate blockchain believers, they are on a mission to involve every Indian in the Blockchain revolution. With WazirX you can buy, sell & trade digital assets with amazing ease, confidence, and trust. From professional experts to even first-time investors they have got everyone covered!

        4. Forbes India Blog- Crypto Made Easy

Forbes India, a Network18 venture in partnership with Forbes Media LLC, is India’s leading business magazine that helps readers understand the phenomenon behind the news, connect the dots and get cutting-edge perspectives. The Crypto Made Easy blog from Forbes is powered by Coin DCX and aims to reach thousands of viewers from India. Combining expertise and experience is an unmatchable combination.

        5. CoinFunda

CoinFunda is a cryptocurrency information board for beginners & advanced miners where they can help and seek help at the same time. They stand out in the crowd by providing information about mining platforms and wallets. With the specialized technical aspect of crypto coins, they cater to all the needs of users.

        6. Defy Club

Coming up with India's first social crypto exchange, Defy club is on a mission to change the way users perceive investments by building a fair, efficient, and transparent system that enables users to take charge of their finances. Their vision is to navigate the world of cryptocurrency in an enjoyable, seamless manner and with friends!

        7. CoinGape

CoinGape is another popular Indian crypto news publisher. Apart from quality news CoinGape also provides services like Crypto Screening, Forecasting, and Price Analysis. It is also known for its world-class marketing services around the clock. CoinGape publishes content in 4 different languages and tries to incorporate as much information as possible for its audience. 

        8. Koin Bazar

Koinbazar, The Global Cryptocurrency Exchange platform where you can buy, sell & Trade Bitcoin (BTC) & other cryptocurrencies. They assist crypto enthusiasts to venture into the industry with trust and the right information. Koin Bazar has the potential to emerge as a leading Indian exchange in the coming times. 

        9. Coin Crunch

Coin Crunch started in 2018 as a blog and news platform for cryptocurrency news across India. Since then they have pushed boundaries in exceptional content for the community, ranging from news, reviews, tutorials, interviews, and much more. Coin Crunch is now transitioning to video-only content on our Social Media platforms.

        10. CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is on a mission to Make Money Equal for All. India’s largest crypto investing app and a Great Place to Work, CoinSwitch is creating an ecosystem that simplifies crypto and is trusted by over 1.8 crore registered users. Founded in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari, and backed by blue-chip investors. The company is evolving into a wealth-tech destination for every Indian.

        11. UnoCoin

With amazing features to make it easy to buy, sell, store, use & accept bitcoin securely in India, Unocoin aspires to be India’s Best Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange. They serve more than 1.5 million customers and have been serving the customers since 2013. Unocoin has one mission - “Bringing bitcoin to the billions”. They have a Bitcoin SBP (Systematic Buy Plan) which hedges against market volatility.

        12. BuyUCoin

BuyUcoin is a leading Cryptocurrency exchange in India, operating since 2016. The Delhi-based on-ramps crypto exchange currently serves 1M+ users and handles $500M+ in digital asset transactions. 

The platform allows users to buy, sell, trade, and store multiple digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Stellar among many others using advanced Instant Banking services like UPI, Mobile Wallet, IMPS, NEFT/RTGS, Debit/Credit Card.


These Indian platforms will hold you tight during your crypto investment journey and help you achieve higher returns with their news and blogs assisted by analysis and predictions!

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