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Bitcoin Retreats, Spotlight on Zeebu for Explosive Gains

Key Takeaways
  • Zeebu (ZBU) stands out as a telecom-focused altcoin, addressing industry challenges. It hit a new all-time high, gaining attention as a potential 10X performer.
  • Despite Bitcoin's retracement, Zeebu remains strong, with a promising outlook for 2024. The loyalty token is anticipated to reach $10, signaling potential for substantial gains.
  • Zeebu (ZBU) showcases resilience amid market fluctuations, maintaining a bullish trend with over 350% returns.
29-Jan-2024 Sudeep Saxena
Bitcoin Retreats, Spotlight on Zeebu for Explosive Gains

Zeebu Token Emerges as Potential 10X Performer

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market, a significant event unfolded in the initial month of 2024 as Bitcoin marked a notable milestone with a surge to $48,000. This surge, unseen in the past two years, triggered a rally in the altcoin market.

The primary driving force behind this surge was the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This development acted as a major catalyst, propelling the cryptocurrency market into a rapid and sustained bullish momentum. Amidst this bullish rally, one particular loyalty token has garnered attention as a potential 10X performer among altcoins—Zeebu. This altcoin has been making headlines over the past few months, emerging as a dark horse for substantial returns.

The Web3 Neobank platform, #Zeebu, is poised for remarkable growth in 2024, according to industry experts and market analysts who are making bold predictions based on its past performance. Zeebu is gaining prominent recognition for its goal to reduce substantial transaction fees and alleviate long remittance delays in cross-border transactions and settlement within the telecom industry through its blockchain-based settlement platform.

While the prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently undergoing a retracement phase after reaching a two-year-high, Zeebu has become the talk of the town, recording a new all-time high despite the overall retracement in the cryptocurrency market. Consequently, investors are aggressively accumulating Zeebu's native loyalty token — $ZBU.

How Does Zeebu Mirror The Attributes Of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has transformed the conventional financial system by introducing a decentralized currency for global payments, offering a more secure, fast, and transparent alternative to fiat currency. In a similar vein, Zeebu, built on Ethereum's ERC-20 standard, addresses the significant complexities and challenges of the telecommunications industry, bridging the gap between decentralized finance and traditional financial systems.

Telecommunication serves as a fundamental pillar for global communication and is renowned for its inherent complexities and challenges. The industry faced significant hurdles, particularly in terms of long remittance delays and complex settlements and transactions, until Zeebu introduced its on-chain platform. This innovative approach has ushered in a new era, providing telecom carriers and operators with fast, secure, and traceable transactions, accompanied by loyalty rewards following each successful settlement. #Zeebu has garnered recognition as the "Bitcoin of the telecom industry" according to industry experts and analysts.

Zeebu's performance remains robust even as Bitcoin faces a downturn

While Bitcoin remains the top choice for both seasoned investors and newcomers, there is a noticeable shift towards potential altcoins like ZBU, the native cryptocurrency of Zeebu for portfolio diversification. The loyalty altcoin demonstrates strong performance across fundamental and technical aspects, positioning itself as a potential 10X asset in 2024.

Investors are increasingly considering $ZBU as a secure investment option, expecting robust growth in 2024. The price pattern of ZBU reflects a pronounced bullish trend, with the token avoiding retesting its previous low, thanks to platform expansion and the token's inherent potential.


Source: Tradingview

Notably, despite Bitcoin surging by almost 70%, Zeebu token has delivered over 350% returns in recent months, even as a relatively new entrant to the crypto market. Since mid-October, the ZBU token has consistently maintained its position in the green zone of the SuperTrend indicator, a crucial tool for identifying trends. Additionally, investors have identified the 20-day moving average as a demand zone, consistently seizing buying opportunities at this level.

ZBU is projected to reach $10 in 2024

Currently, as Bitcoin retraced nearly 16% from its two-year high, the $ZBU token marked a new all-time high at $3.5 in mid-January. Bulls are eyeing the $4.0 mark as an immediate upside level for the week, and based on fib retracement, ZBU is anticipated to attain the conceptual round level of $10 in the upcoming months.


Source: Tradingview

The RSI indicator signals strong bullishness in the token, forming a double bottom. This bullish sign is expected to propel the rally towards achieving the $10 milestone.


Despite the cryptocurrency market's roller-coaster ride and Bitcoin's retracement phase, Zeebu stands out as a robust loyalty token. Its recent achievement of a new all-time high during the retracement phase positions ZBU as a potential crypto gem in 2024, with the possibility of a 10X gain.

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