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BitDelta Teams Up with IMMAF: Elevating MMA and Trading

Key Takeaways
  • BitDelta's partnership with IMMAF redefines the landscape of MMA and trading, empowering talents globally.
  • This collaboration promises to revolutionize both finance and sports, shaping the future of diverse industries.
  • By empowering young talents and ambitious investors, BitDelta aims to redefine the financial landscape worldwide.
BitDelta Teams Up with IMMAF: Elevating MMA and Trading

BitDelta & IMMAF Forge Global MMA Partnership

BitDelta, a pioneering multi-asset trading platform, has announced a global partnership with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) to fuel the growth and development of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on a global scale. This groundbreaking collaboration sets the stage for empowering young individuals and ambitious investors, as well as tapping into the untapped potential of a global talent pool.

Notably, BitDelta's sponsorship and support will benefit IMMAF's highly talented roster of MMA fighters who will receive essential resources to nurture their career paths from the crucial early period onwards. Together, BitDelta and IMMAF are poised to redefine the landscape of MMA and trading, paving the way for ambitious individuals to find their footing in these dynamic and competitive industries, shaping the future of both domains.

Founded in 2023, BitDelta is a global trading platform that provides financial services in over 120 countries, with a specific focus on trading. It is dedicated to revolutionising the financial landscape and empowering young individuals and ambitious investors worldwide on their trading journey. Through a wide range of features such as spot trading, derivatives trading, buying crypto with a card, token launchpad services, and SafePass, BitDelta offers its users a comprehensive trading experience.

The strategic partnership between BitDelta and IMMAF not only demonstrates the fusion of finance and sports but also represents a shared vision of embracing innovation and nurturing talent. As BitDelta continues to expand its operations worldwide, the collaboration with IMMAF stands as a testament to its commitment to supporting and shaping the future of diverse industries.

BitDelta's Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Martin, expressed excitement, stating, "This partnership is incredibly exciting and represents a significant milestone for BitDelta. Our platform's core values are deeply rooted in the empowerment of young talent, and this partnership with IMMAF fits perfectly with that ethos. We're looking forward to further nurturing the potential of young individuals in the MMA and trading communities to create a more dynamic and competitive future."

Densign White, CEO of IMMAF, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,

 "We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership, which marks a huge step forward for the overall development of the sport. BitDelta is a forward-thinking brand with a proven pedigree in achieving elite-level results, while the ambition and values of both organisations ensure we are fully aligned on our long-term goals."

As the 2024 IMMAF World Championships approach in October, this partnership couldn't come at a better time. IMMAF's highly talented roster of fighters representing the federation will benefit immensely from the collaboration. The venture not only reinforces IMMAF's position as a global sports brand, but it also opens new doors to aspiring talents worldwide.


The collaboration between BitDelta and IMMAF promises to be a catalyst for the growth of MMA on a global scale. With its innovative approach to trading, BitDelta's expertise and resources will significantly enhance IMMAF's efforts to develop and promote talented MMA fighters worldwide.

To learn more about BitDelta and its commitment to empowering young individuals and ambitious investors through revolutionising the financial landscape, visit

About BitDelta

Founded in 2023, BitDelta is a global trading platform that provides financial services in 120+ countries, focused specifically on trading.

With offices in key regions such as Turkey and India, BitDelta extends its operations worldwide, aiming to revolutionise the financial landscape by empowering young individuals and ambitious investors worldwide.

The platform offers a comprehensive trading experience through a range of features including but not limited to:

  • Spot Trading

  • Derivatives Trading

  • Buy Crypto with Card

  • Token Launchpad Services

  • SafePass

Along with these features, BitDelta users have the ability to diversify their portfolios with a variety of assets, all while using the highly secure asset custodian Fireblocks. 

BitDelta’s commitment to making trading accessible for all manifests through the various developments of the company’s projects, alongside its expansion into new markets.

To learn more about BitDelta:
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