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Enhance Crypto Experience with Blockchair Extension

Key Takeaways
  • Blockchair serves as the Search explorer for Blockchain technology.
  • The Blockchair Extension enhances the search quality for blockchain and crypto users.
07-Mar-2024 Sourabh Parihar
Enhance Crypto Experience with Blockchair Extension

Track, Explore and Secure with Blockchair Extension

The Blockchair extension is an all-in-one solution for easy exploration and management of cryptocurrencies and works as a Crypto tool founded in 2016. Blockchair extension transforms our online experience by providing an anonymous crypto portfolio tracker and a feature-rich block explorer for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 15 other major blockchains. With its private search engine, we can effortlessly delve into transaction details, addresses, and embedded text data across multiple blockchains. The on-click Blockchain Explorer feature makes Blockchair your default explorer, simplifying access to transaction and address details. Track crypto prices and 24h changes, all conveniently displayed in USD. 

Blockchair API - Developers can use the Blockchair API to retrieve data and conduct a full-text search over the blockchains. Unlike other APIs, Blockchair also supports numerous analytical queries like filtering, sorting, and aggregating blockchain data.

Features of Blockchair Extension

1. Decentralized Search Engine:

  • Search across 17 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

  • Find transactions, addresses, blocks, and even embedded data.

  • Explore supported blockchains at [link to supported blockchains page

2. Seamless Blockchain Exploration:

  • Instantly access detailed information about transactions and addresses encountered online.

  • Click on highlighted phrases to open the corresponding page on our secure platform.

  • Disable this feature in the extension settings if preferred.

3. Crypto Price Monitoring:

  • Track real-time prices and 24-hour price changes for popular cryptocurrencies.

  • View coin values in USD directly in Chrome's top bar.

4. Private Portfolio Management:

  • Track your crypto assets across different wallets and exchanges anonymously and privately.

  • Monitor overall portfolio performance and react quickly to price fluctuations.

Is Blockchair Extension a Good Platform

1. Enhanced Privacy:

  • This tool prioritizes user privacy by not tracking individual activity.

  • It utilizes aggregated data solely for platform improvement, ensuring no personal information is collected or shared with external parties, including analytics providers.

2. User-Centered Design:

  • The platform boasts a clean, intuitive, and responsive interface optimized for various screen sizes and devices.

  • Educational resources and tutorials are readily available to assist users in navigating the functionalities.

  • Customizable settings empower users to personalize their experience by selecting preferred currencies, themes, and languages.

3. Extensive Blockchain Support:

  • This tool provides support for a wide range of blockchains (currently 17), encompassing popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • It offers in-depth information and analysis for various blockchain aspects, including blocks, transactions, outputs, scripts, addresses, and more.

  • Data visualizations through charts and graphs further enhance user comprehension of trends and statistics.

Some Issues Related to Blockchair

  • Potentially overwhelming This explorer provides a broad amount of information and features that may be overwhelming or confusing for new users. Even though it focuses on being user-friendly, beginners may need to take some time to learn how to use it efficiently.

  • Bad reviews Even though the Blockchair tool includes a number of interesting and useful features, it received a number of bad reviews online. Users have been reporting that this tool is not always as accurate as stated, that it uses third-party sources and data providers, along with reporting errors and lags.

How to Get Blockchair Explorer?

Chrome Extension: If you’re using Google Chrome, you can download the Blockchair extension directly from the Chrome Web Store. This extension allows you to:

  • Access real-time cryptocurrency prices.

  • Monitor the price of your favorite crypto in the extension badge.

  • Set an anonymous portfolio tracker to monitor the value of your crypto investments.

  • Browse transactions, addresses, blocks, and embedded text data across 40 blockchains, just like you would on Blockchair’s website.

  • Set Blockchair as your default block explorer, transforming addresses and transactions into clickable links on all sites.

Firefox Add-on: For Firefox users, you can find the Blockchair extension on the Mozilla Add-ons page. Similar to the Chrome extension, it provides fast blockchain data search across 17 blockchains and lets you anonymously track your crypto portfolio and respond swiftly to price changes.

Safari Extension: If you’re using Safari, you can also get the Blockchair extension for your browser.

List of Tools Similar to Blockchair Extension

There are around 21 tools similar to Blockchair extension which are as follows:- 

  1. Blockscout

  2. Sepolia testnet Explorar

  3. Solscan

  4. Ethplorar

  5. Solana Explorer

  6. Polygon Scan

  7. Epirus

  8. Etherscan

  9. Etherchain

  10. Arbiscan

  11. Otterscan

  12. Optimistic Etherscan

  13. Socketccan

  14. Solana Beach

  15. Ox Explorer

  16. SolanaFM

  17. Blockhead

  18. ETH Explorers Extensions

  19. Ethernal

  20. 3xpl


In conclusion, Blockchair stands out as a comprehensive blockchain explorer, offering a user-friendly experience with advanced search options. Its data export features allow users to tailor downloads to their preferences, enhancing flexibility. The provision of daily node data dumps caters to professionals requiring specific analyses on designated dates. The node explorer provides valuable insights into blockchain nodes, detailing accessibility, locations, and consensus rules. 

Notably, the 'Release Monitor' feature aids developers in tracking multiple coin support, offering a convenient overview of upcoming forks and client updates. Blockchair thus emerges as a versatile platform, catering to both casual users and industry professionals with its diverse array of features and tools.

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