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Coin Gabbar brings you the chance to win $250K with Play to Earn games

Key Takeaways
  • To play to earn games, first, you have to sign up on the One World Nation Gaming Platform
  • Every user gets $4.5 as a bonus upon signing up.
  • More than 3 lakh global players are earning crypto by playing games on the One World Nation Gaming Platform.
27-Jul-2023 Amogh Mishra
Coin Gabbar brings you the chance to win $250K with Play to Earn games

Get sign up bonus from Coin Gabbar's referral code

Coin Gabbar consistently pioneers engaging and innovative initiatives to enhance its platform's user experience, presenting exciting opportunities to win fabulous rewards. Adding to this engaging ecosystem, Coin Gabbar has launched the 'Play to Earn Games' feature. To indulge in this exhilarating experience, you first need to navigate to Coin Gabbar's official website. There, you'll discover the link to the 'One World Nation Gaming Platform.' A single click on this link will transport you straight to the heart of the 'Play to Earn Games.' Upon arrival, look out for the application download tab. Select it to initiate the download process of the game application. After successfully downloading the app, you're just a step away from immersing yourself in the fun. Registration is the final step to unlock the games and to do so, please follow these instructions -

  • First of all, go to CoinGabbar.

  • Click on the link to the One World Nation Gaming Platform.

  • Download the application.

  • Register yourself to play Play to Earn games.

When you're ready to register and begin playing, two options will be available for you: using your Google or Facebook account. These provide a straightforward way for you to sign up using your Gmail or Facebook ID. Once you're signed up, you will need to personalize your avatar. You have the flexibility to use any photo for this - it could be a fun picture of yourself or any image you prefer. In addition, you'll be prompted to input your full name along with your chosen avatar name. As a side note, it's always good practice to carefully consider the name you use for online activities. An interesting feature you'll see during the registration process is the opportunity to enter a referral code. If you have one from Coin Gabbar, be sure to use it here, as it offers you a bonus.

Here is a brief rundown of the process:

  • Select one option from Google and Facebook to register.

  • Select your avatar.

  • Enter your name and the name of your avatar.

  • Write the referral code given by Coin Gabbar and get the signup bonus.

We're excited to welcome you with a generous sign-up bonus of $4.5 at Coin Gabbar! Here's how it works: on the first day after your registration, you'll receive a delightful bonus of $3, followed by an additional $1 on the second day, and finally, an extra $0.5 on the third day.

Get ready to dive into a world of captivating and entertaining games such as Crash and Ludo!!

After you've completed your sign-up, six fantastic games will be at your disposal, namely Crash, Crypto Fantasy, Mines, Slot Machine, Ludo, and Prediction. You're not just playing, but you're also in with a chance to snag daily prizes up to an impressive $250,000. Join over 300,000 players from around the globe who are already enjoying their favorite games and earning exciting crypto rewards. On Coin Gabbar, your gameplay isn't just fun—it's also rewarding. We even provide some initial game credit which you can easily convert into USDT. Get started on your journey to fill your wallet with crypto! Explore the dynamic, engaging world of Play-to-Earn games at Coin Gabbar and make your wallet greener with every game you play. 

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