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CLORE.AI's Proof of Holding: A Crypto Game-Changer with Advanced AI

Key Takeaways
  • CLORE.AI's Proof of Holding ensures benefits, trust, and integrity by verifying ownership through a secure process.
  • CLORE.AI offers CLORE Blockchain holders lower marketplace fees, fostering a mutually beneficial and cost-effective ecosystem.
  • Proof of Holding expands beyond the marketplace, offering advantages in AI and network services, enhancing CLORE.AI's value.
01-Dec-2023 By: Lokesh Gupta
CLORE.AI's Proof of Holding: A Crypto Game-Changer with Advanced AI

Pioneering Crypto with Proof of Holding and Advanced AI Services


CLORE.AI, originating in 2022 located in Brno, Czech Republic. CLORE.AI, at its essence, is an innovative marketplace facilitating the sharing and leasing of GPU computing power. This cutting-edge platform empowers users to rent out their GPUs, creating a global community for tasks such as AI training, rendering, and mining, all at an affordable cost. With secure, managed services offered through its data centers, CLORE.AI ensures dependability for high-performance requirements, simplifying profitability and broadening access to potent computing resources.

1. CLORE.AI connects users to GPU computing nodes globally, providing flexibility and scalability for diverse computational needs.

2. From AI model training to cryptocurrency mining and movie rendering, CLORE.AI caters to a broad spectrum of applications, appealing to a diverse user base.

3. Setting itself apart with a commitment to affordability, CLORE.AI enables users to leverage top-tier GPU services at a fraction of the cost, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.

4. The platform introduces a unique "Proof of Holding" system, offering incentives to Clore coin holders with increased rewards, user-friendly experiences, and service discounts.

5. Clore coin, the platform's cryptocurrency, is mined transparently, avoiding ASIC mining, featuring a limited supply, and providing various ecosystem benefits.

6. CLORE.AI's ambitious roadmap includes continuous updates such as secure cloud launches, OC profiles for mining, and the introduction of a mining job marketplace.

7. Balancing community-driven interactions with cloud services, CLORE.AI offers users versatile options that align with their specific needs.

8. Operating in strict adherence to European laws, CLORE.AI ensures the legitimacy and reliability of its services.

CLORE.AI's pricing structure and GPU offerings form the foundation of its allure, granting users cost-effective entry into the realm of high-performance computing. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the intricacies of the platform's pricing model and the array of GPUs it brings to the table.

"Beyond the First Year: CLORE.AI's Top 10 Foes in a Tech Battle Royale!"

Celebrating its one-year milestone, CLORE.AI stands amidst a competitive landscape where innovation and technological prowess are paramount. With 33 active competitors vying for prominence, CLORE.AI faces an array of dynamic players in the industry. Here are the top 10 competitors, meticulously ranked by their Tracxn scores:

1. **Hewlett Packard Enterprise**

   - Headquarters: Houston

   - Year Founded: 2015

   - Status: Public company

2. **Luminous**

   - Headquarters: Mountain View

   - Year Founded: 2018

   - Status: Series A company

3. **Cornami**

   - Headquarters: Santa Clara

   - Year Founded: 2012

   - Status: Series C company

4. **UPMEM**

   - Headquarters: Grenoble

   - Year Founded: 2015

   - Status: Series B company

5. **Iagon**

   - Headquarters: Hamar

   - Year Founded: 2017

   - Status: Seed company

6. **Cirrascale**

   - Headquarters: Poway

   - Year Founded: 2010

   - Status: Acquired company

7. **Qblocks**

   - Headquarters: Vancouver

   - Year Founded: 2019

   - Status: Seed company

8. **REX Computing**

   - Headquarters: Palo Alto

   - Year Founded: 2013

   - Status: Seed company

9. **Fathom Radiant**

   - Headquarters: Boulder

   - Year Founded: 2014

   - Status: Funding Raised company

10. **Linux Networx**

    - Headquarters: Brigham City

    - Year Founded: 1989

    - Status: Acquired company

In this vibrant ecosystem, CLORE.AI, having completed its first year, continues to navigate the competitive currents, showcasing its unique strengths and innovations. The diverse array of competitors, ranging from seasoned veterans to emerging startups, underscores the dynamic nature of the industry in which CLORE.AI thrives.

CORE.AI Price Overview



Ticker Symbol






Market Cap


Circulating Supply


Maximum Supply


Trading Volume 24H


All Time High


All Time Low


Technical Analysis:

In the realm of technical analysis, the coin's introduction to the trading market has been marked by an extraordinary surge, reflecting an impressive 12810% increase and presently maintaining a trading value around $0.200000. Over the last 30 days, a significant upward movement of 1095% has been observed, culminating in a robust growth of 710% by the close of November. A pivotal event occurred on November 18th when CLORE breached its consolidation zone, setting in motion an upward trajectory that resulted in the establishment of a new high on November 29th.

In subsequent developments, the price has manifested a discernible channel pattern, accompanied by indications hinting at the emergence of a Bullish Flag pattern. Notably, a noteworthy breakthrough of the upper channel transpired yesterday, with the current trading status positioned above it. If this pattern persists, there is potential for the coin to test the $0.500000 mark in the days to come.

On the 4-hour chart, CLORE is trading above the 20 ,50 ,100 and 200 Day EMA. As well as RSI is also seen above the Midway point indicating bullish sentiments.

Future Prospects:

"Over the past year, (CLORE) has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the crypto market, indicating a consistent bullish trajectory." Our expert analyst anticipates a sustained positive trajectory, positioning CLORE as a promising investment with the potential for substantial forecasted earnings growth. Maintaining a consistently optimistic outlook, we strongly advise including CLORE as a valuable asset in your investment portfolio. Seizing the opportunities presented by the continued positive momentum of this virtual currency holds the promise of lucrative returns for investors." In December 2024, anticipated earnings growth is projected to be 15.8%. This growth is expected to accelerate in December 2025, reaching 69.30%. Subsequently, in December 2026, a substantial increase of 122.30% in earnings is foreseen. Looking ahead to December 2027, an even more robust growth of 172.80% is anticipated, followed by a significant surge of 225.10% in earnings growth projected for December 2028.


CLORE.AI is an innovative project merging blockchain and AI, highlighted by its secure Proof of Holding mechanism. This not only verifies ownership but also reduces fees for CLORE Blockchain holders. With plans to expand into AI and Network as a Service, CLORE.AI provides cutting-edge tools. Recently listed, it gains credibility and exposure, paving the way for broader adoption and industry transformation at the intersection of blockchain and AI.

Disclaimer: Crypto is not regulated and can offer considerable risks. There may be no regulatory remedies available in the event of any losses resulting from price analysis. As a result, before engaging in any transactions involving crypto products, each investor must perform in-depth examination or seek independent advice.

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