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Ethena an Advanced Protocol Offers Crypto Native Solution

Key Takeaways
  • Ethena pioneers decentralized banking solutions with USDe, backed by staked Ethereum collateral and native yield.
  • ENA coin empowers users to shape Ethena's governance, fostering stability, development, and community growth.
  • Ethena's innovative Internet Bonds merge staked Ethereum returns with market funds, offering a unique savings option
10-Apr-2024 Sourabh Parihar
Ethena an Advanced Protocol Offers Crypto Native Solution

Ethena a Synthetic Dollar Protocol Provides Crypto Native Solution

Ethena is regarded as a Unique and groundbreaking protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers Crypto native alternatives to traditional banking. At its core is USDe, a synthetic dollar that will provide the first censorship-resistant and stable cryptocurrency solution for the money achieved by delta hedging staked Ethereum Collateral. The USDe is also fully backed transparently on-chain and free to circulate throughout Decentralized Financing (DeFi)

The Internet bond within the Ethena protocol is a unique element that merges returns from staked Ethereum with funds and basis spreads from perpetual and futures markets. This creates the first on-chain crypto-native 'bond,' offering a dollar-denominated savings option for users in authorized areas.

Problems Highlighted By Ethena in Crypto Ecosystem

Ethena highlights that currently there is no universally accessible and censorship-resistant saving instrument present in the crypto Ecosystem. It also highlights that most of the stablecoins rely heavily on traditional banking systems which goes against the decentralized concept of crypto ecosystem. According to Ethena, without a decentralized and stable reserve asset, both centralized and decentralized financial systems are vulnerable to disruptions.

Solutions Offered By Ethena

  • Native Yield from Staked Ethereum: Ethena proposes utilizing the proof-of-stake Ethereum network to generate native returns, providing an opportunity for scalable permissionless money.

  • Utilization of Derivatives: By leveraging a liquid Ethereum derivatives market, Ethena aims to achieve scalability, censorship resistance, and stability for its synthetic dollar, USDe.

  • Addressing Centralized Challenges: Ethena seeks to overcome issues associated with centralized stablecoins, such as custodial risks and reliance on traditional banking infrastructure.

  • Overcoming Decentralized Fragility: Ethena aims to tackle scalability issues faced by decentralized stablecoins by implementing derivatives on staked Ethereum collateral.

  • The Internet Bond Solution: Ethena proposes the concept of an Internet Bond, a crypto-native synthetic dollar backed by Ethereum and utilizing both on-chain custody and centralized liquidity venues.

ENA Coin

$ENA is a native token of Ethena ecosystem which is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. ENA coins grant power to influence the Ethena ecosystem's governance decisions. With ENA, users Vote on key decisions of Ethena Ecoysytem and contribute to risk management, enhance USDe development, support community grants, and foster innovation through new products and features. It's not just ownership but active participation in shaping the ecosystem's stability, growth, and innovation. The Token has a total supply of 15,000,000,000 and is currently priced at $1.42 with a market cap of $2,030,713,958.


In Conclusion, Ethena emerges as a key protocol on Ethereum Blockchain which offers Crypto Native solutions to tackle the problems that emerge in the Traditional Banking system.  Ethena's solutions leverage proof-of-stake yields, derivatives markets, and innovative Internet Bonds to overcome centralized and decentralized challenges. ENA coin empowers users to shape Ethena's governance, contributing to its stability, development, and community growth. It's a transformative step towards a more resilient and inclusive financial future.

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