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INNODEX’s N3 Set To Pump In 3rd BULL MARKET: Could Be A Second Rollbit

Key Takeaways
  • Shout out to all the Crypto enthusiasts! N3, the new coins by INNODEX, are all set to surge in the 3rd Bull market.
  • There will be an exclusive listing of N3 coins on 7th of December.
  • There is a very high possibility that they could be the second Rollbit that surged over 13,000% in 6 months, up 200% in the past month!
02-Nov-2023 Surabhi Uprit
INNODEX’s N3 Set To Pump In 3rd BULL MARKET: Could Be A Second Rollbit

INNODEX’s N3 For 3rd BULL MARKET: Could Be A Second Rollbit

INNODEX is a space where you go beyond limitations! It is a user-friendly, decentralised exchange that offers new trading service that combine the advantages and soothe the disadvantages of both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

INNODEX made it possible for users to directly own and trade assets on their personal exchange wallets without the need for personal identification. Transparency makes sure that their assets are stored within the exchange on the chain. Trades can be made without any gas fee, similar to decentralised exchange.

INNODEX is an exchange that uses the S2k L2 (Split Security Key Layer2) system to verify users' assets in their wallets. It aims to form order books based on actual user trades and is conducting various events to create a transparent and secure trading ecosystem.

Right now, it’s conducting numerous events to create the most transparent and secure trading ecosystem ever! Let’s know how all the enthusiasts can participate to prepare for the safest "third bull market."

You can participate via N3 coins because this coin is all set to surge in the third bull market.

What Are N3 Coins?

N3 Coin is a coin that operates under the N3 Ecosystem, where its value is formed by the revenue of three projects partnered with INNODEX.

 These coins are here to change the game in the third bull market! When the third bull market hits, you'll be in a great position to enjoy all the benefits and rewards it brings.

The N3 coin is a coin that follows all NP, NK, and NA projects, while the NP, NK, and NA coins are coins that directly follow each individual project. N3 coins earn 20% of each project's revenue.

Do you know that 20 million N3 coins will be circulated for the first time? It is expected to guarantee at least twice the operation based on the issuance price of $0.07. You receive rewards based on trading fees on INNODEX.

N3 Coin, which you receive as rewards based on trading fees on INNODEX, is a coin with assured airdrop mining rewards. It will be exclusively listed on INNODEX on December 7th.

Don’t you worry! Within the N3 ecosystem, the longevity of N3 Coin hinges on its ability to deliver substantial value.

In the event that N3 Coin fails to maintain its value, a comprehensive policy is in place from the first month to safeguard the interests of participants in the airdrop event.

Should it become necessary to discontinue the service, N3 Coins will be repurchased at their airdrop price.

For example, if 100 N3 Coins were airdropped, each having a trading fee of 10 USDT, this would establish a purchase price in which 100 N3 Coins can be acquired for 10 USDT (NS) on the market.

How Can You Earn N3 coins?

N3 coins can be acquired daily based on the transaction fee, limited to a specific amount. For instance, if the daily transaction fee amounts to 20 USDT, users can obtain N3 coins up to 20 USDT.

Users can enjoy N3 coin airdrop benefits, capped at a maximum of 10,000 USDT per person. The N3 coins airdropped as a result of daily trading fee generation are collectively distributed at 00:00 (UTC) on the following day.

As a maker, you can airdrop 100% of the transaction fees, and as a taker, you will airdrop 100% of the transaction fees with certainty.

On December 7, 2023, at 07:00 AM (UTC), N3, NP, NK, NA coins will be listed on the NS Market.

Since it is a decentralized exchange, it is safe to keep N3 coins in your wallet without worrying about being eaten by the exchange.

Here are some points to look forward to:

●     The increase in the value of coins issued for the N3 ecosystem service is not formed solely by the distribution revenue of the relevant projects, but by reinvesting the distribution revenue through the N3 ecosystem operating system to create higher value.

      There is unlimited mining for 10 days! It started at 3:00 PM (UTC) on October 30, 2023, and will end at 11:59 PM (UTC) on November 8, 2023. After this span of time, there will be a limit of $20 per day.

        Only one account can be used to trade (only two currencies need to be held to trade with each other).

        As there will be limited quantities, the event may end early, depending on the mining amount.

       N3 ecosystem is exclusively listed on the INNODEX exchange and can be traded between users.

How does E-cos Work?

N3 Coin is in for an exciting journey as it secures 20% of the profits generated from the operating company's revenue across three remarkable projects (NPS, N-PIK, and N-PIKA) each month once the services kick off. The funds we've secured will be thoughtfully invested in specific projects within the dynamic N3 Ecosystem operation.

The N3 ecosystem enjoys an exclusive listing on the INNODEX exchange, offering users the opportunity to trade with ease.What's more, the investment will be recovered after 5 years from the time of issuance, and after the investment is recovered, the principal and proceeds will be distributed together, and the N3 Coin will be incinerated.

This new coin ecosystem by e-cos will bring monetization through proof of value, and it doesn't stop there. The future holds promises of expanding foundations and partnerships, creating vibrant opportunities for marketing and collaboration."

In some cases, N3 will be continuously earned as part of the asset operating income equivalent to the sales of the three projects.

        Principal underwriting

        At least 2x gain

        No-sale continuous holding, sometimes continuous gain

“N3 Could Be A Second Rollbit!”

If you think investing is gambling, where you can win or lose, let us tell you about the Rollbit coin. Something that surged over 13,000% in 6 months, up 200% in the past month! It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency-gambling platforms, offering dozens of games. It was launched in 2020, and it became the biggest crypto-casino in the world, and they’re earning $500 million in a year! In September, Rollbit raked in an impressive $38 million in betting revenues.

INNODEX is super-proud to announce that its partners are gaming services that are like Rollbit! These services, N-PIK and N-Bix, are going live soon! Best part? 20% of their proceeds will continue to be distributed to N3.

If the income is based on $500 million, the equivalent of 20% of N3's annual income could reach $100 million. (Value multiplication may also be possible through asset management.)

Relax and Go For It!

 The projected profits of N3 coin are incredibly vast, beyond imagination. Even from just one of the three projects, the 'casino,' substantial profits are regularly distributed. Subsequently, by selling the N3 coins you hold, following the growth and success of our partner businesses, you can reap significant gains.

Even if the N3 coin failed to explode, it can also guarantee the cost. If it succeeds, it will be a hit. You won't regret trying a small amount of trading mining first!

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