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New Era Digital World Presents IONCO’s Smart Chain Project

Key Takeaways
  • Ionco's three-stage launch captivates with its revolutionary approach to market entry.
  • Ionco offers more than just returns, providing stock rewards and ownership, aligning interests, and fostering credibility.
  • Ionco's Web 3.0 technology introduces a multifaceted ecosystem, from decentralized applications to NFTs, igniting curiosity with its visionary solutions.
21-Feb-2024 Sourabh Parihar
New Era Digital World Presents IONCO’s Smart Chain Project

IONCO Integrates Blockchain and Web3 Technology for Next-Gen Solutions

Introducing IONCO

In the emerging world of Blockchain Technology, IONCO was introduced as a search engine by Corodeanu lonel in July 1, 2014 which has constantly emerged as a tech company where they offer a wide variety of products and services which are User and Investor friendly. The Ionco’s main goal is to become a well-known company in the growing world of Crypto and Blockchain Technology.

Ionco on the path of achieving their goal and to improve the quality of application making it user friendly and for creating a better online experience has introduced:-

  1. Web3 technology: Ionco will leverage the power of blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps) to offer secure and transparent solutions.

  2. IONCO Smart Chain: This is the IONCO’s proprietary blockchain which provides a fast and a low-cost platform for transactions.

  3. INC coin: This native token serves as the primary currency within the Ionco ecosystem.

Products of IONCO

  • Search engine – Ionco is developed as a web platform where we can search useful information, where we can look and search for peoples, friends and the business, where we can find latest news, search images, trending blogs and a Forum for discussions.

  • Business Optimization – Ionco helps in SEO optimization of your business where they analyze the business and then provides help in optimizing our business.

  • Business Advertisement – Ionco helps grow our business by promoting our business, posting announcements of new projects and events and by exchanging affiliate links to increase traffic on our business website.

Ionco’s Smart Chain Project

Ionco's Smart Chain is proprietary blockchain that ensures security and privacy for all users and developers which operates on cutting-edge (web3) technology, introduces the (INC) coin through a strategic three-stage launch with a total supply of 250,000,000 coins, the (INC) serves as the native currency on the IONCO Smart Chain, boasting advanced functionalities such as decentralized applications, smart contracts, and cross-chain interoperability.

Ionco’s smart chain operates on Proof of Authority (POA) consensus mechanism, this blockchain prioritizes security, privacy, and low transaction costs. In this Blockchain, investors are not only offered opportunities in the volatile cryptocurrency market but are also rewarded with shares, transforming them into integral stakeholders in Ionco's innovative financial ecosystem.

  • Features of Ionco’s Smart chain

  • Proprietary blockchain: This feature ensures security and privacy for users and developers.

  • Native coin (INC): Ionco’s coin with 250 million supply will be used as a currency on the smart chain platform for payments, smart contracts and governance.

  • Decentralized exchanges: Ionco’s smart chain offers fast, low-cost transactions with low gas fees (network commission) with the aim of becoming a world’s leading blockchain for decentralized financing (DeFi).

  • Proof of Authority (POA) consensus mechanism: Ionco’s smart chain is a Proof of Authority Chain which supports various functionalities which is similar to Ethereum network but with different governance model.  .

  • Supports various functionalities: The Smart chain network will support decentralized application ecosystem (dApps), Smart Contract infrastructure, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and digital asset management, improved transactional efficiency, cross-chain interoperability and integration, governance and community engagement, scalability solutions, security and auditing mechanisms, developer tools and support, economic models and tokenomics.

  • Ionco’s (INC) Coin – It is a digital currency launched by Ionco with total supply of 250 million virtual coins, will act as a utility coin on Ionco’s Smart chain platform which will allow investors with following function:- 

  • To access and use the Ionco platform.

  • To be used as a payment method for services on the platform.

  • To be used as payment currency for smart contracts.

  • To grant instant payments without commissions.

  • Provide early access to new products and features.

  • Technology used –  The Ionco has used Web 3.0 technology for better experience of their customer because Web 3.0 is the advanced Internet era marked by decentralization, seamless data sharing, personalized experiences via AI, heightened security through blockchain, and a commitment to inclusive access, aiming for a more connected, secure, and equitable digital landscape.

  • Investor’s benefit from the project (Web3) –  

  • Diverse Investment Portfolio: Investors benefit from a range of project types, spanning web3 products, applications, and smart contracts, allowing for a diversified investment portfolio.

  • Strategic Launch Stages: The three stage launch of a product on various platforms, including PancakeSwap and Binance, provides investors with strategic entry and exit points which will maximize the opportunity.

  • Stock Rewards and Ownership: Investors will receive a block of shares, which will transform them into full shareholders which aligns their interests with the success of Ionco and which potentially increase their return.

  • Credibility and Exposure: The project's listing on Binance, a popular cryptocurrency trading platform, and later on the Centralized International Stock Exchange enhance credibility and expose the investment to a broader audience.

  • Informed Decision-making: Ionco prioritizes transparent communication, offering investors comprehensive information, facilitating informed decision-making, and fostering confidence and stability in their investment.

  • Outcome of the Project (web3) –  

  • Informed Development: Ionco's (web3) project is grounded in thorough market research, leveraging insights from the crypto market's history, which has amassed over $800 billion. This ensures informed decision-making and strategic development.

  • Crypto Adoption: Recognizing the widespread adoption of virtual currency as a payment method, Ionco positions itself in a market where people are increasingly embracing digital currencies.

  • Decentralized Trading: Acknowledging the success of decentralized cryptocurrency trading platforms, Ionco taps into this trend, providing investors with opportunities to earn substantial incomes.

  • Market Potential: With the crypto market's volatility and risks, Ionco offers a platform that caters to investors' preferences and experiences, emphasizing the potential for high returns.

  • Financial Inclusion: Ionco's project targets inclusivity, making the digital economy accessible to a broader demographic, aligning with the ethos of decentralized finance and ensuring a more equitable landscape.

  • What makes this project (Web3) unique?

  • Three-stage launch: Ionco balances risk and opportunity by launching the INC coin on decentralized exchanges first, then on Binance, and finally listing the company on a centralized stock exchange.

  • Focus on user experience: Ionco prioritizes the needs of users by creating a search engine that provides quality information and applications that are secure and easy to use.

  • Open-source approach: Ionco's commitment to open-source development fosters community involvement and transparency.

  • Smart Contract Infrastructure: Ionco has built a platform which ensures a trust and transparency for a self-executing smart contracts with low gas fee (Network commission) and fast network.

  • Multi-Faceted Ecosystem: The Ionco’s Smart Chain is presented as a versatile platform covering decentralized applications, Smart Contracts, NFTs, cross-chain interoperability, and more, providing a wide array of opportunities.


Ionco’s Project (Web3) is a visionary project seeking to redefine the role of virtual currency and blockchain technology. With a commitment to user trust, innovative three-stage launch, and the development of a feature-rich Ionco Smart Chain, the project aims to provide investors with not just opportunities but stability and confidence in their journey through the (web3) landscape. 

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