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Is Quant a good buy right now? | QNT Price Chart and News

07 Apr 2022 By: Collins Jackson
Is Quant a good buy right now? | QNT Price Chart and News

Quant(QNT) is a native token on Quant Network, which is a blockchain operating system — a platform built to bring interoperability to the blockchain world by serving as a bridge between the different distributed ledgers.

It was made in2018. Quant’s CEO Gilbert Verdian is an experienced tech manager. His previous work included making sure that there’s interoperability between different healthcare platforms, where he got the idea for Quant.

Quant is designed to work with any distributed ledger architecture, not just those based on blockchain technology, but also, for example, DAG. Unlike Layer 2 solutions, deploying Quant doesn’t require making changes to the existing DAG or blockchain infrastructure — REST API provides an easy way to connect to the chain.

Quant (QNT) coin is a utility token that enterprises and developers have to purchase and lock in a payment channel in order to use the platform. QNT crypto token also serves as an annual currency for gateway use, in exchange for a percentage of transaction fees.

Quant is a project that emphasizes interoperability on a huge scale; the project aims to connect every network on the globe to one another. It aims to do this not through bridges, but through Overledger.

Overledger is one of the first-ever blockchain-dedicated operating systems. Through Overledger, a user has instant, seamless access to any blockchain network. It has uses for both end-users and developers as well; users have the luxury of accessing any number of blockchains within a single application programming interface (API), and developers can create and deploy multi-chain applications.

The Overledger network offers a layer of added security when moving assets from one chain to another. As such, it’s a viable alternative to bridges and other methods of interoperability.

The current price of quant is ₹8,644.54 as of 9th March 2022. It has a rich market capping a market share of ₹115.80B, with a Trading Volume of ₹1.88B seeing a rich and varied market as we see the stats for the last 3 months to be seen that it has been growing and flourishing ever since December as you can see statistically in the chart the growth we see here is nominal with some peaks but as one can see with some falls but is overall pretty consistent

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