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MEOO World Challenges Doggy’s Dominance in Memecoin

Key Takeaways
  • MEOO World's MWO tokens challenge Doggy dominance, leading a feline revolution against canine oppression in the crypto jungle.
  • Explore Agenda 21's mission to redefine ESG in crypto, as MEOO World disrupts Doggy dominance through NFTs, social, and gaming.
  • Agenda 2030 gives 8 Sustainable Doggy Goals, advocating for feline prosperity in the Memecoin market, and ending canine tyranny.
22-Feb-2024 Sourabh Parihar
MEOO World Challenges Doggy’s Dominance in Memecoin

MEOO World's Agenda for Memecoin Freedom towards Crypto Evolution

What is MEOO world order?

MEOO world order is all about Memest rebellion which demands equitable presence of feline (Cats) in the crypto world of Memecoins however “MEOO WORLD ORDER”(MWO) is faced with resistance from the dark and evil DOGGYs (BONK, SHIBA INNU, FLOKI, HOSKI, DOGE and PEPE) in crypto world of Memecoins. All the crypto DOGGYs dominate and leave no room for sustainable growth of other races.

The “MEOO WORLD ORDER”(MWO), “MEOO” and rest of the wake and aware cats will eliminate the DOGGY dominance in crypto world and create a more sustainable environment for all which brings equality, peace and prosperity in the crypto world of Memecoins and Blockchain technology.

To end the DOGGY’s dominance in Memecoins - MEOO world order came with the following roadmap:- 

  • Sale of MWO tokens

  • AGENDA 21: ESG - Entertainment, Social & Gaming


  • AGENDA 2030: SDG - Sustainable Doggy Goals

  • MEOO verse:- A cat’s Metaverse

Sale of MWO token

The MEOO world order has introduced the MWO token in the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The ICO presale of MWO token was started on 1st Feb 2024 and will last till 30th April 2024 with a price of 0.000001 (USDT) with a total supply of 666 Billion MWO token.

For more detail you can visit #Coingabbar an ICO partner.

Agenda 21: ESG - Entertainment, Social & Gaming

In today’s world of Cryptocurrency the areas of Entertainment, Social & Gaming is highly dominated by Doggy’s presence where a cats play a very minor role or just have to act according to the Doggy’s, to overcome this problem MEOO world has come up with Agenda 21 which will work with the objective of eliminating doggy’s dominance in ESG with introduction of NFT’s, Social and Crypto Gaming in the year 2024 -25

Agenda K9

Agenda K9 marks a feline revolution in the crypto world, bravely challenging the established canine dominance. With grace and determination, cats usher in a MEOO WORLD ORDER in the digital realm, transforming the crypto jungle into a more diverse and inclusive space. The listing of the MWO token on exchanges signifies a new era where both cats and dogs coexist, each adding their unique essence to the evolving narrative of Crypto. Join Agenda K9 as it pawsitively shapes the future of the crypto landscape.

AGENDA 2030: SDG - Sustainable Doggy Goals

To built a healthy and prosperous living conditions of Felines in the Memecoin market and Meme culture, Agenda 2030 has come up with the following 8 SDG’s :- 

  1. No Feline Hunger: - Cats unite against kibble shortages, aiming for full bellies and warmth, free from canine oppression.

  2. Whiskerful Education: - Advocate for quality education for all cats, ensuring training in silent stalking, play, and rest strategies.

  3. Health for Rebels: - Support regular vet check-ups, chin scratches, and sunbeam sessions for healthy, happy cats.

  4. Cat-friendly Spaces: - Create communities with cat-friendly features, allowing tails to swish freely without canine interference.

  5. Queens' Equality: - Empower cat queens with equal opportunities, free from canine-dominated politics.

  6. Feline Independence: - Support fair wages for the feline workforce, ensuring economic independence in the crypto world.

  7. Ocean Advocacy: - Say no to doggy-drool beaches, advocating for clean shores and oceans for feline enjoyment.

  8. Clean Energy for Cats: - Demand affordable and clean energy sources for well-lit litter boxes and cat towers, ending canine tyranny.

MEOO verse: - A cat’s Metaverse

In order to eliminate the Canine’s dominace in the Metaverse the MEOO world order come up with the MEOO verse which will be coming soon in the crypto world. The MEOO will take the help of Agenda 2030 to build a MEOO verse which will be a Metaverse where the community can play games, Create, Interact and make MEOO Friends.


In a rebellion against canine dominance in the Memecoin realm, MEOO World Order introduces MWO tokens, embarks on Agenda 21 to challenge Doggy control in Entertainment, Social & Gaming, and launches Agenda K9 for a diverse crypto landscape. The 8 SDGs of Agenda 2030 aim for feline prosperity, from eradicating hunger to advocating clean energy. The upcoming MEOO verse promises a cat's Metaverse, fostering community, creativity, and a shared Memecoin future. Join the revolution for equality, peace, and prosperity.

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