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Mr Mint is Launching The Next Generation Web 3.0 Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

Key Takeaways
  • SportsMint revolutionizes fantasy cricket with decentralized gaming, NFTs, and AI, transforming fan engagement forever.
  • Be part of the future with SportsMint's presale, unlocking exclusive rewards, royalty incentives, and NFT customization.
  • Join Mr Mint's mission to democratize Web 3.0 technologies, bridging blockchain, AI, and metaverse for a more inclusive society.
Mr Mint is Launching The Next Generation Web 3.0 Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

Mr Mint Revolutionizes Fantasy Sports with SportsMint: Web 3.0 Launch

On April 28th, 2024, a significant event happened in the field of sports when Mr Mint introduced SportsMint. This decentralized skill-based sports fantasy gaming platform has never been seen before and is designed to change the way fans interact with their favorite sports, especially cricket.

SportsMint combines state-of-the-art technologies such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This creates an immersive, inclusive environment for users who love fantasy games like never before.

Enjoy decentralized fantasy cricket combined with NFT thrills.

This opens up new opportunities for fans who enjoy playing fantasy cricket:

  • Contests: Take part in exciting contests where you compete against other managers one-on-one or as a team.

  • Challenger Ground: Champions are made through fierce battles between individuals or groups until only the best remain standing.

  • NFT Marketplace: Here, players’ NFTs can be bought, sold, or even rented out, thus introducing another level of ownership in virtual teams.

  • AI Implementation: AI comes in handy by using previous records, so you can create your dream team quickly. This will help you make strategic decisions that are likely to lead to success.

Presale Opportunities Await You!

You can be one of the first participants in the SportsMint presale and take advantage of the offers. Here are some things you stand to gain by signing up early:

  • Get Exclusive Access: Get exclusive rewards on the contest pool price as one of the first NFT holders.

  • Royalty Rewards: Earn continuous incentives from ongoing royalty rewards on all NFT trade.

  • Have Control Over Prices: Keep your NFTs’ costs under control so that you make maximum profit.

  • NFT Rental: Rent your NFTs on the marketplace for additional income streams.

  • Customize NFT Clubs: Personalize NFT Clubs according to your style and preference.

  • Special Bonuses: Enjoy different exclusive bonuses during your journey with SportMint.

Claim Your Bonus NFTs

SportsMint will airdrop 700 USD before the presale to celebrate the launch for early birds. Also, between now and the official product launch after the presale period ends, SportsMint will give away 1000 Player NTFs. The main idea is to involve people from the start and reward them with valuable assets they can never get hold of otherwise.

About Mr Mint

Mr Mint is a unique tech startup at the forefront of Web 3.0 development. Its goal is to make futuristic technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, and AI accessible to ordinary people. Through its cutting-edge products or services, Mr Mint merges these breakthroughs with various industries to change them all and lay the foundation for a more inclusive society where power isn’t concentrated in a few hands.

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