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Myria ETH Layer 2 Empowers Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming

Key Takeaways
  • Myria L2 scaling solution enhances blockchain gaming by providing fast transactions and low fees, allowing developers to create engaging games.
  • Myria L2 simplifies blockchain development with user-friendly tools like APIs and SDKs, reducing the learning curve for developers.
  • $MYRIA is not just for transactions but also plays a role in governance, allowing token holders to participate in key decisions.
25-Apr-2024 Sourabh Parihar
Myria ETH Layer 2 Empowers Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming

Myria an ETH Layer 2 Scaling Protocol Facilitates Blockchain Gaming

Myria L2 is a specialized Ethereum Layer 2 is a scaling solution designed to support blockchain gaming, NFTs, and other high-transaction activities. It is developed in partnership with StarkWare. Myria uses Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup) technology to group thousands of transactions into a single Ethereum transaction which significantly boosts transaction speed and reduces costs. This technology allows Myria to offer instant trade confirmations and zero gas fees for minting and trading NFTs, providing a more user-friendly and cost-effective experience without compromising on security.

Myria L2's infrastructure is crafted to meet the demands of high-volume use cases, allowing game developers and NFT projects to thrive on Ethereum's proven security while enjoying the efficiency of Layer 2. The platform is equipped with developer-friendly tools, including APIs and SDKs, enabling seamless integration of blockchain features into games and applications. With a focus on scalability, security, and ease of use, Myria L2 offers a robust environment for the next generation of blockchain experiences.

What is Scaling Solutions?

Scaling solutions in the crypto world aim to make blockchains faster and more efficient. They tackle the problem of scalability, which happens when a blockchain can't handle the growing amount of data. For example, while Bitcoin can only handle a few transactions per second, Visa's network can process thousands. To solve this, developers are looking into layer 2 scaling solutions. These solutions work on top of the main blockchain, increasing the number of transactions that can be processed quickly while keeping the system decentralized and secure.

Components of Myria Protocol 

  1. Myria Infrastructure:- Myria L2 is developing a unique crypto infrastructure to boost the next generation of Blockchain Gaming. It has also utilized Strakware’s prover and ZK technology to lower transaction fees which helps in a seamless token experience.

  2. Myria Platform:- Myria is developing a comprehensive user platform that encompasses a Myria L2 wallet and an NFT marketplace. This platform is designed to facilitate third-party game studios, NFT communities, and developers in creating and engaging with blockchain-based games, decentralized applications (DApps), and various experiences. It provides a streamlined and accessible way for users to interact with blockchain technology in gaming and beyond.

  3. Myria Studios:- It is a player-centric crypto gaming studio that is centered around AAA-quality games that drive true ownership and rewards. The studio is using Myria’s core stacks to create a leading Crypto gaming hub.

  4. Myria Token:- $MYRIA is an ERC 20 Utility Token of Myria scaling protocol. It serves as the basis for the transactions on the Myria L2 Scaling Protocol. $MYRIA will be distributed to selected game-developing partners, node operators, and other participants in the ecosystem, creating a circular economy between users to accelerate ecosystem growth. 

Problems solved by Myria Scaling Protocol

As we all know global gaming industry is currently estimated to be worth $200 Billion and growing rapidly at a pace of 12% per year and in this evolving market Blockchain gaming has a huge share which requires a robust ecosystem that is fast and offers low-cost solutions and here Myria L2 Scaling Protocol aims at giving all these services that will boost Blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Blockchain and NFT developers face a steep learning curve due to the interdisciplinary nature of blockchain technology. They need knowledge in areas like cryptography, decentralized networks, and complex financial models, which complicates the development process. Additionally, new programming languages and smart contract standards require constant adaptation, causing developers to spend more time on backend tasks instead of innovating. Myria L2 scaling solution addresses these challenges by offering a streamlined platform with user-friendly APIs and SDKs, simplifying blockchain development. With Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology, Myria provides fast and low-cost transactions, allowing developers to focus on building creative applications without compromising security.

Myria Token 

The Myria token ($MYRIA) is an ERC-20 utility token used in the Myria L2 scaling protocol, forming the basis for transactions within the Myria ecosystem. $MYRIA serves several functions, including paying protocol fees and purchasing Myria Nodes. It also plays a role in governance, allowing token holders to vote on important decisions, such as ecosystem fund allocation, future development, and strategic direction. This token structure promotes community ownership and aligns stakeholders' incentives, encouraging them to support the Myria ecosystem's growth and success. Its total supply is 50 Billion $MYRIA Tokens and is currently priced at $0.00696 with a market cap of $122,690,679.


Hence Myria ETH Layer 2 scaling solution is a unique scaling protocol which help in prospering the blockchain gaming ecosystem. This scaling solution meets the challenges faced by blockchain gaming and NFTs like High transaction fees and low speed. By leveraging Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology, Myria provides fast and cost-effective transactions without compromising security. So with a focus on scalability, security, and community ownership, Myria is aimed to drive the next wave of blockchain innovation.

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