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Quantum: A Dive into the First-Ever NFT Art Piece Created

The history of NFTs is extremely fascinating. From the moment it started to how it has been embraced with time, is worth your attention. Read all about it in the blog below.

22-Feb-2023 Pankaj Gupta
Quantum: A Dive into the First-Ever NFT Art Piece Created

The concept of NFT existed decades

 before the phrase was even popularized. NFT, or Non-fungible-token, arose from a slew of experiments with Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, NFT art did not begin with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. It also did not begin with the CryptoPunks. So, how and why exactly was the very first NFT created, and who invented it?

Finally, this one-of-a-kind award goes to Quantum, a conceptual work of art made by digital artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. Kevin converted Quantum into an NFT shortly after it was created in 2014.

Needless to say, today people from all walks of life are participating, from football players to young artists and indeed multibillionaire Mark Cuban. So let's straight take a leap and dig deeper into the development and evolution of NFTs.

The Inception Of Non-Fungible Tokens

McCoy sought to develop a platform to market Quantum in its electronic format after he and his partner developed it. So, what was the issue which was stopping him? Well, it was obvious! He had no way of determining the authenticity of a digital work of art. Ultimately, the pair began to investigate blockchain solutions to see if they could offer a good clear route forward.

Blockchain technology was still in the early stages in the mid-2010s.

McKoy came up with a revolutionary idea to deploy a blockchain method to establish indelible authenticity and possession of such digital images. As a result, Quantum was the very first to be captured in this NFT. Sadly, Quantum started to forget after its 2014 minting.

However, that's not the end of the story!

McCoy realized he could be resting on a golden ticket when NFTs began to attract widespread popularity and sell for milliards of dollars in 2021. So he began promoting Quantum, speaking with news outlets such as Axios about his work and its significance in NFT history. His efforts did not go in vain as Quantum came into the limelight again. It was auctioned for greater than millions of dollars in June of 2021.

A Ride Thorugh The History Of NFTs

NFTs had a pretty colorful and vibrant journey. With loads of exciting projects slashing into the field of non-fungible tokens and gaining enormous popularity.

CryptoPunks, Rare Pepe, and CryptoKitties were widespread phenomenon that fascinated CryptoArt.. Let's see how does the history of NFTs look like.

Colored Coins: 2012 -13

Colored coins are cryptocurrency tokens that reflect actual assets and could be used to take possession of any investment, from rare metals to cars to rental properties, and perhaps even equities. Even though they were not as refined, they were outlined as modern innovations and provided fresh possibilities for potential future utilization.

Counterparty – 2014

Counterparty is a financial forum and distributed, open web protocol stacked on top of Bitcoin. It was developed to bring decentralization into action and had a cryptocurrency exchange with the crypto coin XPG.

It had innumerable options and strategies, such as meme trading even without the risk of counterfeiting.

Spells of Genesis on Counterparty - 2015

In April 2015, Counterparty ended up working with the Spells of Genesis crew. The founders of the Spells of Genesis matchup just weren't the first to issue in-game capital onto a blockchain technology via Counterparty, however, they were also one of the first to introduce an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The creators aided in the overall development of Counterparty.

Rare Pepes – 2016

The Counterparty marketplace grew in popularity, and there is no superior way to experiment with virtual currencies than to begin the battle of memes. The term "Rare Pepes" first appeared in the middle of October. People began posting memes with Pepe Frog as the central protagonist. The community has grown so large that there now exists a "Rare Pepe Meme Directory" that allows you to discover millions of memes that users have created. 

Cryptopunks - 2017

The project name, Cryptopunks, refers to a Cryptocurrency test from the 1990s and can be characterized as an ERC721 and ERC20 blend. Larva Labs' creators, ohn Watkinson and Matt Hall, developed innovative protagonists produced on the Ethereum blockchain. There would be no two identical personalities, and the number of characters would be restricted to 10,000.

A blast into the popularity of NFTs: 2018-2021

By 2018, NFT had grown to be massive, with over 100 developments hosted on NFT. These entailed the release of several marketplaces such as OpenSea and SuperRare, as well as the creation of numerous games, art, vintage items, and digital products. The underground network that took the crypto society by storm has gradually evolved into further conventional art.

Milestones That Can Level Up The Game Of NFTs

Let's now have a sneak peek into the upcoming developments of NFT.

NFT Gaming

With the increase in acceptance of NFTs, gamers have started to realize that these tokens are now being incorporated into their personal favorites. NFT-based gaming initiatives encourage players to employ NFTs to provide potential avenues for previously created gameplay mechanics, such as blockchain-based player-vs.-player wars and NFT storefronts that offer NFT transactions from many other gamers.

You won't be shocked to learn that NFTs are the game changer of blockchain gameplay.

Soccer Icon drops an NFT auction

Renowned soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho announced new NFT collectibles in partnership with INFLUXO, an art studio for NFTs and an NFT global market. This additional NFT would also assist as sweepstakes, with guys wanting the opportunity to win the NFT, which includes a two-day stay at a five-star hotel with the celebrity soccer player.

Lioness Messi's Messiverse NFT

It appears that a big wave of NFT deployment is poised to hit the soccer world, as supporters are known to be devoted to their squad's success and progress. A most recent announcement is that Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi has launched his line of NFTs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) NFTs

Even though NFTs can be yielded utilizing AI, an innovative thriving trend emerged in 2022 - the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence within NFTs. AI-generated NFTs are already extensively employed to offer token holders exclusive and highly personalized user experiences. Alethea AI became the first to power a smart NFT called "Alice." This NFT acquires expertise every moment it communicates with individuals because it is driven by powerful self-learning attributes.

  • NFT based autographs

  • The era of selfies and physical autographs seems to be slowly substituted by the invention of NFTs.

AutographNFT, a framework that empowers NFT-based autographs, has been funded by AlchemyNFT. On the program's beta launch, Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin decided to make his first NFT-based electronic autograph. AutographNFT is set up in such a manner that NFT designers confront prominent figures and give them money in exchange for creating an NFT of their autograph. The high profile person even has the option of donating the proceeds from their autograph to charitable organizations.

NFTs And Celebrities

The year 2021 has demonstrated that NFTs have always had an impact on Indian celebs as well. All of the actors, including Yuvraj Singh, Manish Malhotra, and Amitabh Bachchan, have jumped on this tsunami and released their own NFT catalogues. Salman Khan collaborated with BollyCoin, a Bollywood NFT marketplace, in October of last year to introduce his NFT offerings. In July, the actor Rajni Kanth launched his movie souvenirs centered on the 2007 Tamil action drama "Shivaji the Boss" in collaboration with Singapore-based NFT platform

NFT marketplace is almost everywhere. They are taking the entire globe by a storm of digital transformation.


Whereas the legacy of NFTs is fascinating, the progress of NFTs offers limitless possibilities as the current space evolves from fresh and unconventional to incredibly beneficial and centrist. NFTs might very well be a robust technology in daily situations due to tokenization, automation, collaborative effort, royalties, and more network among artists and buyers.

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