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Revolut is offering free money: How can you grab it?

21 Aug 2022 By: Sourabh Agrawal
Revolut is offering free money: How can you grab it?

The UK-based Neobank Revolut is giving away free money to users; it just takes a few minutes to grab it.

With the surging interest in various X-to-Earn models, it has emerged as a viable way to promote crypto. That’s what Revolut is also doing. It is implementing the Learn-to-Earn paradigm to attract users toward crypto. Let’s take a closer look.

What exactly is Revolut doing?

Revolut has recently introduced a new way to earn free cryptocurrency. Users just need to watch a few tutorials on crypto and Polkadot and then be made to take quizzes to earn money.

Yes, easy gains! By participating in their free crypto education, users can win free DOT, the Polkadot network's native token, valued at up to €11.50

Its idea is to make people well-versed with the cryptocurrency and technical terms associated with Blockchain. It has introduced two courses: one on Polkadot and one on the fundamentals of cryptography, claiming that both crypto newcomers and seasoned traders would find them beneficial.

The exciting aspect is that users not only get to learn about cryptocurrency, but also receive some when they finish a lesson. Simply pass a short quiz at the end of each lesson to receive up to €11.50. Here, the question arises why is Revolut giving away free money? As everyone knows, nothing is free in this materialistic world; everything has a purpose.

Why is Revolut offering money?

The trick is that, rather than giving it in fiat currency, Revolut is depositing it in the form of the native cryptocurrency of the Polkadot network called "DOT". They are attempting to introduce cryptocurrency to users by purchasing just a few minutes of their time, thus expanding the size of the market that it can address. 

Even though Revolut provides 30+ digital asset tokens for trading, it needs to spread the word and encourage adoption. Revolut has been working constantly to completely incorporate cryptocurrency into its services for customers. The business recently revealed plans to increase its crypto personnel by 20% over the next six months.

In this activity, they are educating people about crypto and how to trade it via Revolut. The engagement will increase, as they are not just providing a crypto guide to users but also rewarding them with DOT.

Recently, Revolut achieved a milestone in the path of its ambitions toward cryptocurrency. Revolut was granted a licence by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CSEC) as a Crypto-Asset Service Provider (CASP), allowing them to provide cryptocurrencies to its roughly 17 million users in the European Economic Area. Additionally, it is also adding tokens to its offering list. 

Anyway, one of the primary concerns for many folks is how to earn from this offer, and we are also covering it in a brief tutorial.

How to earn through it?

First, to get started, you need to open the Revolut app, select the Crypto tab, and then scroll down to the Learn area to access the essential videos.

Then you must select "See All" and select the course you want to take, as there are two courses available: Crypto Basics, worth €4, and Polkadot, with a value of €7.50.

After watching the videos, you need to participate in quizzes related to those videos.  With the successful completion of quizzes,  users will be given €11.50 worth of crypto (DOT). 

You can click account members and click the Sell button next to the coin's name in the Investments category and all €11.50 is then yours as soon as you input the number of coins being sold.

Now, It all depends on your approach, whether you want to exchange cryptocurrency for euros or want to keep them. However, just remember that the value of crypto fluctuates . That means that your earnings can decrease and increase with time if you don’t exchange them immediately.

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