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Top 5 Best Tokens to Buy Backed by Real World Asset (RWA)

Key Takeaways
  • The tokens are backed by Real World Asset with a growth of more than 100%.
  • ONDO Token tops the list with 780% growth in a month.
  • The Other Crypto Tokens that transform your crypto portfolio include PROPS, POLYX, CFG and PROPC
22-Mar-2024 Sourabh Parihar
Top 5 Best Tokens to Buy Backed by Real World Asset (RWA)

Top Five Best Tokens Based On Real-World Asset With 100% Growth

Coin Gabbar again presents a list of the top 5 best tokens to buy for the crypto enthusiast. Today’s article was based on the crypto tokens which are backed by Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization which has given more than 100% returns to their investors. The RWA tokens refers to the process of issuing blockchain-based digital tokens representing tangible physical assets. These encompass financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, and equity), real estate, art, commodities, and intellectual property. The RWA tokens in our list includes POLYX, CFG, PROPC, ONDO, and PROPS.

Top 5 RWA-Based Tokens

Ondo ($ONDO)

$ONDO is the native token of Ondo Finance, a Coinbase-backed securities tokenization project. It aims to increase accessibility to institutional-grade financial products by tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs). Ondo bridges the gap between decentralized and traditional finance, offering yields from the latter with the convenience of the former. Its newest product, USDY, provides direct and fully compliant access to US-denominated yield. With a focus on regulatory compliance and high-quality institutional partners, Ondo invites both crypto-natives and risk-averse investors to participate in the tokenized securities market. The Ondo has surged 780% in two months with a market cap of $1.05 Billion and currently priced at $0.73.

Polymesh ($POLYX):- 

Polymesh, a blockchain tailored for regulated securities, has witnessed a significant surge of nearly 293% in its token, POLYX. This uptick is strongly tied to the heightened recognition and credibility that tokenized assets have gained following BlackRock’s recent announcement. Serving as a platform for trading tokenized assets, Polymesh finds itself in a leading position within this advancing sector, directly benefiting from the increasing enthusiasm surrounding blockchain-based financial innovations. At present the total Market cap of the coin is $347,010,614 with a price range of $0.417 and it is one of the Best RWA based token to buy.

Centrifuge ($CFG):- 

Centrifuge (CFG) is a decentralized asset financing protocol that bridges the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and real-world assets (RWA). Its mission is to reduce the cost of capital for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) while providing investors with a stable income source. Borrowers can access financing for their real-world assets without relying on traditional banks or intermediaries. In essence, CFG aims to unlock liquidity for tangible assets in a decentralized manner, benefiting both borrowers and investors. The $CFG token has witnessed a surge of 578% in a year with a market cap of $465.84 M and current price at $1. Hence can be a good token for your crypto portfolio.

Propchain ($PROPC):- 

The $PROPC is the native token of Propchain which is a pioneering platform in the blockchain-powered Real-World Assets (RWA) and PropTech space. Leveraging proprietary technology, Propchain tailors blockchain solutions to meet the unique demands of RWA and PropTech. Beyond technology, it integrates human expertise and capital strategies, inviting contributors to co-create value. Propchain aims to remain at the cutting edge of blockchain real estate innovation by fostering collaborative innovation and propelling the industry forward. The $PROPC Token had a growth of 265% in a year with a market cap of $57.93 M and a current price range of around $3.72. So you can think about buying them to increase your crypto portfolio.

Propbase ($PROPS)

The $PROPS is the native token of Propbase which is a web3 tokenized real estate platform that aims to disrupt the property industry. Built on the Aptos blockchain, it offers fractional ownership of curated properties with guaranteed rental yield. By combining cutting-edge technology with real estate investment, Propbase provides a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the property market while ensuring liquidity and transparency. The PROPS token has the growth of around %420 in four months with a market cap of $27.18 M and current price ranges around $0.081. Hence it is a cheaper investment with higher profitability.

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