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Sandbox and its famous collaborations: Facilities it is providing in Metaverse

08 Aug 2022 By : Abhinav Nagar
Sandbox and its famous collaborations: Facilities it is providing in Metaverse

The gaming industry has shifted gears ever since the pandemic happened, both in adoption and technology. Metaverse and GameFi are the newest concepts that the gaming world is in love with, with the power of DeFi and blockchain. Sandbox is one such game in the meta category that has exponentially grown in both users and valuation in a couple of years.

Sandbox has a play-to-earn gaming model that lets users buy, sell and rent customized virtual Land that users treat as a mode of investment. Games like SandboxSandbox are pioneers in the meta industry and have redefined how users interact in a world with limitless opportunities- the metaverse.

A brief view of the sandbox ecosystem

Voxel Editor:

Sandbox's Voxel Editor, known as VoxEdit, is an editor program that allows users to create NFT-based game assets. The smallest 3D unit of design on the platforms is called a voxel. Voxels are the flora, fauna, weapons, and all the tiny details in the game. These voxels are treated as NFT assets and hence can be bought or sold in marketplaces.

Sandbox marketplace:

The Sandbox marketplace, as the name implies, is a place where gamers can buy or sell their voxels. Once a creator generates a voxel, they will get an option to export to the marketplace directly; Sandbox's marketplace is full of creative art, which is a great way to introduce artists to the blockchain culture. For a couple of years, the sandbox marketplace has been a haven for artists and collectors and is a perfect example of what the Web3 ownership model will offer in the near future. 

Sandbox Game maker:

Imagine a free world where you could do or make anything; now imagine a free world where you could even make customized games in the sandbox universe. Unlike games like Roblox, which require a certain level of coding, Sandbox's accessible visual scripting tools allow gamers to make games without writing a single line of code; sometimes, these games can be formed in just minutes. 

Sandbox's tokens and their power, how does the ecosystem work?


The Sand token is the primary token of the sandbox ecosystem; it helps in facilitating transactions that are a part of its gameplay; this includes buying or renting Land and interacting with the user-generated content. Another critical use case of the Sand token is staking for governance purposes in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO).


The term ASSETS refers to Voxels in the game or the user-generated content. ASSETS, as the name implies, could be worth a value, depending upon the creativity and rarity of the asset. 


LAND refers to the digital piece of real estate in the sandbox metaverse. Gamers can develop their own concepts, including art and games on LAND. Each LAND is an ERC 71-based NFT token; hence unique in nature.


GEMS are ERC 20-based utility tokens that define an ASSET's attribute and are also burnt on usage. Attributes can be thought of as ASSETs statistics displayed throughout the metaverse. Hence, the more ASSETs you have, the more useful they are throughout the Sandbox ecosystem.


CATALYSTs are ERC-20 utility tokens burnt on usage and define your ASSET's tier and scarcity. CATALYSTs add empty sockets to a gamer's NFTs that can be filled with Gems; the higher quality of the Catalyst, the more sockets your ASSET will have. 

Sandbox has been in the vanguard of the metaverse category in this blockchain revolution; it has attracted millions of gamers and thousands of artists. With that, Sandbox has collaborated with many brands and companies; let us look at some of the biggest Sandbox collaborations in the past year.

Sandbox: popular recent collaborations

Skybound Entertainment:

Famous entertainment company, Skybound entertainment, known predominantly for its video game, just recently announced a partnership with SandboxSandbox for walking dead. The walking dead game is integrated into the sandbox metaverse, which means users can create their own fan-made adventures with weapons and equipment from the game. 

Partnerships with Hong Kong's famous personalities and companies:

Sandbox recently announced at the start of this year that it is offering a sale of multiple LAND near its favorite celebrities. The list includes entrepreneur Adrian Cheng, alternative investing fund Sun Hung Kai & Co, Little Fighter, and many more.

ALTAVA group:

Famous luxury fashion brand ALTAVA group tied up with SandboxSandbox. ALTAVA has its own metaverse named the Altava World of You; with this collaboration, users would be able to use the purchased NFT in both the Sandbox and World of You worlds.


Legendary Jazz band  Jamiroquai has recently tied up with Sandbox this May for its new song of the album Traveling Without Moving. The song was relaunched in the Sandbox metaverse.

Time Pieces:

This June, Sandbox announced a partnership with Time Pieces, a Web3-based community backed by the Times group. The Times group has been recently working on growing its online presence; this includes blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse. Time Pieces has dropped several NFT collections, which several artists made under the directorship of D.W.Pine.Each TIMEPiece(as they call it) provides additional benefits to its owner, such as whitelisting and invitations to exclusive virtual and real-world events.


Popular magazine Playboy also has collaborated with Sandbox to build the infamous playboy mansion on the metaverse. Playboy is building a MetaMansion in the Sandbox metaverse. The MetaMansion will be hosting gaming and social events along with multiple NFT collections.

The Sandbox metaverse has done wonders for crypto and blockchain adoption in the past couple of years. This is because of the attractive interface that Sandbox has built with one of the most accessible ecosystems blockchain users have ever seen.