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The Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now for Good Returns

Key Takeaways
  • Bitcoin’s bull run suggests to invest in the currency in 2024.
  • The other currency that stands at the top includes Ethereum, BNB, Solana and XRP
04-Mar-2024 Sourabh Parihar
The Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now for Good Returns

The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now in the Ongoing Bull Run

In the emerging world of cryptocurrencies, we always look for the best crypto coin to buy to increase the profits from the investments however there is a problem in finding the best from the pull of thousands of tokens and coins. To resolve this problem coin Gabbar came up with the top 5 best cryptos to buy in 2024 which has the potential to grow fast as compared to other coins in the crypto ecosystem. This article mainly focuses on the Crypto Coins and does not include memcoins. For Memecoins you can visit- Top 5 Memecoins Triggering Crypto Craze with Impressive Market Surges

The article will explore the best digital currencies, considering their past performance, the technology they use, and their potential for growth in the ever-changing financial landscape. So let’s explore the Top 5 best crypto to buy now in 2024.

Bitcoin (BTC) - The G.O.A.T

The first cryptocurrency, launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto runs on blockchain technology and uses a system called proof of work(PoW) to validate transactions on its network. This coin started gaining popularity from the year 2012 and now in 2024 it has reached around $60K which was predicted to go up in the coming year as predicted by Peter Brandt up to $200K in 2025. The total market cap of Bitcoin has crossed $1 Trillion and may reach $10 Trillion in 2030, the recent approval of Bitcoin ETF also marks investor confidence in Bitcoin, hence it is one of the best options to buy in 2024.

Ethereum (ETH) - The Super Star

It is both a cryptocurrency and a Blockchain Platform. Ethereum was launched in 2015 by a Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin as an open-source, public service that employs blockchain technology to enable smart contracts and cryptocurrency trading without the involvement of a middleman hence it is one of the favourites among the investors. The total market cap of ETH is around $400 billion with a current price of around $3.5K and can reach $4K in the future but that’s not all the recent updates that will make you interested in buying ETH are the upcoming Dencun upgrade in the Ethereum system and the potential chance of approval of Ethereum ETF by SEC  hence it is also a coin which make you rich.

Binance Coin (BNB) - The Emerging Star

BNB is the native token in the BNB Chain ecosystem which was launched in 2017 on the Ethereum Blockchain and was transferred to Binance smart chain in 2019. The BNB in the beginning was used as currency for trading on the Binance exchange but now it is used for various functions including payment processing, online services, virtual gifts, etc. The total market cap of BNB stands at around $60B in Feb 2024 with a price of $406. Hence as it is backed by a topmost exchange is one of the good investment options.

Solana Coin (BNB) - The Rising Star

Solana (SOL) is a high-performance blockchain designed for decentralized applications (DApps) and crypto projects. Distinguished by its innovative proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, Solana ensures rapid transaction processing with low costs. Boasting one of the fastest throughputs in the industry, Solana supports smart contracts, enabling developers to create efficient and scalable DApps. Its native cryptocurrency, SOL, facilitates transactions, governance participation, and staking. The platform has cultivated a robust ecosystem with diverse projects, including DeFi and NFT platforms. The Solana was launched in 2020 with a price of $0.77 and as of now, it stands at $136 with a total market cap of $60 Billion which shows a high level of growth making it a good investment option.

XRP (XRP) - The Ripple Star

XRP is a digital currency and payment protocol developed by Ripple Labs. Serving as both a cryptocurrency (XRP) and a technology facilitating fast, low-cost cross-border transactions, XRP aims to streamline international money transfers. Unlike traditional blockchain systems, XRP uses a unique consensus algorithm to validate transactions quickly, making it a preferred choice for financial institutions. RippleNet, the network supporting XRP, connects banks and payment providers globally. Despite legal challenges and regulatory scrutiny, XRP remains a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space, emphasizing efficiency in financial transactions and fostering broader blockchain adoption within the traditional finance sector. In 2017 its price was just $0.006 which reached $0.59 in Feb 2024 with a total market cap of $32.5 Billion and hence can make good money for long-term investors.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024 offers promising investment opportunities. Bitcoin remains a stalwart, with a projected upward trajectory supported by a growing market cap and institutional confidence. Ethereum, marked by its dual role as a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, presents ongoing potential, fueled by upcoming system upgrades and potential SEC approval for an ETF. Binance Coin, backed by a leading exchange, showcases versatility beyond its trading origins. Solana stands out as a rising star, leveraging innovative consensus mechanisms for rapid growth. XRP, despite legal challenges, remains a Ripple star, facilitating efficient cross-border transactions. Each coin presents unique prospects, emphasizing diversification for a well-rounded crypto portfolio.

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