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Top 5 Trending Web3 Games You Don’t Want To Miss

Key Takeaways
  • Web3 games redefine ownership, allowing players to truly own, trade, and profit from in-game assets through blockchain technology.
  • Play-to-earn models in Web3 games enable users to have fun while earning real rewards, creating a unique gaming experience.
  • Top Web3 games like Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Splinterlands, Sandbox, and Decentraland showcase diverse blockchain-based gaming innovations.
14-Nov-2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
Top 5 Trending Web3 Games You Don’t Want To Miss

Top 5 Web3 Games of 2023 That You Shouldn't Miss 

In this ever-evolving world, Web3 games have taken the front seat with various options. Every day, the popularity of these games is booming, grabbing everyone's attention. But the question is, why is it rising? The main reason more people are getting into play-to-earn games is that you can have fun playing games and make money while doing it. Yes, gamers can now own things in the game and even sell them for real money. Let's dive deeper into Web3 games and discover which ones you shouldn't miss in 2023.

What makes Web3 games interesting? 

Web3 gaming is basically a distributed process where games are always hosted on the blockchain and puts players in charge. In this players really own their virtual worlds.

Web3 gaming can be tagged as the future of the gaming industry as it offers an interesting experience by integrating blockchain technology and decentralised principles. In this new gaming world, players have complete ownership and control over their in-game assets enabling them to confidently buy, sell, and trade digital items.

However, choosing the best Web 3.0 games is a bit challenging because of the abundance of options available. So, to simplify your decision-making process, here is a compiled list of the most popular Web 3.0 games in 2023 which you should not miss out on. 

The games on this list are exceptional at drawing in a large number of players. Let's get started!

Top 5 Web3 games in 2023

  1. Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where you can collect, breed, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies. It's gained a lot of popularity in Asia, and players can earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens by battling others or completing quests. The game was made by Sky Mavis, a game studio from Vietnam in 2018. In short, it's like a digital pet world inspired by Pokemon, where you use your cute Axies in various games. It is special because it's based on blockchain technology and offers 'Play to Earn' gameplay, meaning you can earn real rewards. They've also released a new version called Axie Infinity Origins. It is quite popular among the web3 community. Think of it like Pokemon, but instead of just fun battles, you can turn your wins into real crypto assets.

  2. CryptoKitties: It is a well-known Web3 game featuring unique digital cats known as NFTs. They can be collected and even bred to produce one-of-a-kind offspring. CryptoKitties was launched in  2017 as one of the best blockchain games, which helped to pave the way for the NFT trend in gaming. One of the standout features of CryptoKitties is that once you own a cat, it's exclusively yours, and no one else can replicate or harm it. Breeding your CryptoKitties creates new cats with a blend of traits inherited from their parents, referred to as 'cattributes.' Initially built on Ethereum's ERC-721 standard for NFTs, CryptoKitties is in the process of migrating to the Flow blockchain. In summary, CryptoKitties is all about the ownership, breeding, and trading of these delightful digital cats, and it played a significant role in popularising NFTs in the gaming world.

  3. Splinterlands: It is a prominent Web3 card game where you collect, trade, and battle digital cards. Notably, these cards hold real-world value as digital collectibles. Each battle is unique due to dynamic rules, blending digital gaming speed with collectible card value. This blockchain-based game, on the Hive blockchain, makes all in-game assets non-fungible tokens (NFTs), giving players true ownership. It's free to play, and core gameplay is accessible without spending money. In the game, you select a faction, build a deck, and leverage unique card abilities to create powerful strategies. It's not just a card game; it's a platform where cards can be traded for real-world value

  4. Sandbox: It is an exciting web3 game platform that's all about creativity and community. Here, creators can design and share cool voxel assets and gaming experiences. It's like a playground for your imagination. In The Sandbox, you have the power to build, own, and even make money from virtual adventures using NFT assets. Some big names like Snoop Dogg and Tony Hawk are involved in it. With a tool called the Game Maker, we can create games and assets without needing to code – it's user-friendly and free. After we have made your games and assets, we can sell them on The Sandbox marketplace. Here, you can buy, sell, and trade things like SAND tokens, LAND, and more. 

  5. Decentraland: Within Decentraland, we can craft all sorts of experiences, like games, including things like 'The Walking Dead' survival horror game. It's a 3D digital universe that combines elements of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet. It's a space where you can play games, trade digital items, buy and sell virtual property, and even socialise with others. Decentraland is unique because it's a decentralized virtual world. Users have a say in how it's run through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Unlike other virtual reality games, users can directly vote on the game's rules and organization's policies. It's all about giving users more control in this virtual world

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